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Sinister Society W Credits 3

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Sinister Society (Ambient music) Would you like something else? Yes. A banana cake, thank you. Thank you. Look at her shoes, she looks like a private. She looks like, dude, I don't know, a man, a disco man. Hahahaha... I don't understand people who read. I mean, don't they know that TV exists with real life dramas? Your coffee Sir. Your coffee Sir. Thank you. (Music from TV) Ingrid! Could you turn down the TV please? Ingrid! Hey, but you are not even watching it. But I can listen to it from here! STARS OF TV - Felipe, I can't believe you got involved with that filthy b**ch! - How could you? Didn't you see that she's gross? - That's why she has that filthy hair. (Besides, she's super fat. Ewww. How could you, Pipe?) - I don't understand why you like watching this shit. - You are wasting your time Ingrid. No Carlos, you are very irritable lately. You used to be funnier when we met. It's like you had the menopause, but for men. You should say andropause To say to whom Carlos? Today is party night, lack of control, alcohol, excess, craziness. Just go with the flow. You know what? I am gonna sleep with anyone, even one of those fags. I was told that you slept with that filthy woman. Honey? Carlos? Good evening Why do you do that? To burn the manequinns... They are, they are empty humans. Heartless, Soulless, Without anything inside. But the mannequins, they are people. So, what do you want? what do you want?!! It was that day... ...that day I felt that my life wasn't right. I felt empty, tired, tired of my job, my girlfriend, my life. And I wanted to read a good book, have a coffee... But it was when I realized that I couldn't escape from people and that made me feel bad. Not now, always. Because I've always felt annoyed by the people, the empty people. They go with the flow. I don't understand them anymore. When people see me, they are afraid of me. They think I am sinister. And to me, they are the sinister, not me! And all humans will become mannequins. Mannequins. Because people don't see anymore, don't think anymore, don't feel anymore, don't shout for real. Your family, your friends, the people from the cafe, all people you know will turn into mannequins. - No, that's not true. Hahaha, that happened to me, and is happening to you -This is not happening, you are crazy. I'm not crazy, hahaha... I'm nor crazy, hahaha... Carlos, honey. Where have you been? I am getting crazy. Of course your are getting crazy because you think too much, my love. Carlos, look at me. Everything is gonna be alright. Whatever is happening to you, just go with the flow. I'll wait for you in the shower.

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Sinister Society W Credits 3

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