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The Ascension is often neglected in Christian practice, but I want to encourage you about how important this event is for your life. So, you can be confident because of the Ascension of Jesus. The first thing to say about it is that the Ascension really completed what Jesus had already achieved through the cross, which brings forgiveness to your life and my life, and through his resurrection which of course means that death is defeated, that one day you and I will enjoy eternal life. But it wasn't completed until the Ascension, when Jesus went to be at the right hand of the Father in heaven in a place of authority, which is where he is now. And because of that you can be confident that the cross and resurrection were really effective. And then you can be confident of this. Jesus is at the right hand of God and he's praying for you. This "Thy Kingdom Come" is all about us praying. But there's something else amazing. Jesus is praying for you, and that can give you confidence. Another thing is that you can be confident that Jesus will come again. When those who saw Jesus ascend saw him, they said, just as Jesus has ascended into heaven, so he's going to come again. And one day Jesus will return And you can be confident about that. But then here's another thing that you can be confident about. Jesus said, 'It's to your advantage that I go away.' Because if I go, then the Holy Spirit – his Spirit – will come and live in our hearts. So Jesus, rather than just being at one place at one time, is living in your heart and in my heart. That's what Pentecost was about. So what did they do between Ascension and Pentecost? They prayed continually. And that's what I'd love to encourage you to do during this time. Thy Kingdom Come. That's a prayer we can all pray. Because Jesus said, when the Spirit comes, he will empower you. You will receive power, and you will be my witnesses. So we're praying during this time, that as we receive power, we will be his witnesses. So what does that mean? It means that by our lives and what we say, we're speaking to people about Jesus. You can invite your friends – say come to this event, come and see! And what we're praying for is that Jesus's kingdom will come, that other people will come to encounter Jesus, be filled with his Spirit, be excited about their faith and will see God's Kingdom come, will see our nation evangelised, the church revitalised and society transformed in Jesus' name.

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