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Clara, how many years have you been at Gilead? 16 years, Paolo. Let me think, I’ve been here 14 years. So, that means… That, together, we have 30 years at Gilead. In your opinion, what has made Gilead successful? What kind of question is that, Paolo? Gilead’s success is due to our employees. You’re very right. Roberto, how many years have you been at Gilead? I’ve been at Gilead for 17 years. And you, Matteo? I have 13 years. Good heavens! In 17 years I’ve changed roles four times, and each was more interesting than the last. And you? I also changed roles four times! Well then, together we have 30 years here. Yes! Certainly at Gilead, we’ll never be bored… Guaranteed! Patrizia, this is our fifteenth year at Gilead. It’s true, since 2002 – we’ll soon have 30 years together. It’s true! I still remember when Gilead’s office here was an apartment… On Via Frua! And the first order of Viread… Yes! It was 2003. And Oracle… Oracle! The worldwide go-live, from Stockley Park. We worked to test the system with our European colleagues, with so much enthusiasm. But there will be many new challenges! Certainly, many new projects for the next 30 years! Hi Tiziana! How long have you been here at Gilead? We were so young! For me, it’s been 15 years, and in that time, I also became a mom. It’s also been 15 years for me, together we make 30. I used to have hair on my head, but now I’ve just got a dad beard… I’ve seen so much evolution that it seems like I’ve changed companies many times. But the thing that has made us unique and will continue to do so in the future is our values.

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