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The Secret - Mikah de Waart

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The Secret, a new self help book is becoming a real world-wide revolution. The Secret talks about the famous Law of Attraction which stipulates that positive thoughts can help you attract positive things into your life. The book has become an unavoidable revolution. Why? What is the secret of The Secret? Mikah de Waart, who we met after one of his seminars in Manresa explains this literary phenomenon of our times. The book promises that you can improve your future in a very easy way. However, if you do not read carefully, it might almost seem that thinking positively is all you need to completely change your future life. The fact that you have the power to change your future is an important realization, but most people forget the second part, which is that you need to initiate concrete actions. The books great success is due to the fact that it gives very practical advice on how to improve your life. Basically, the Law of Attraction stipulates that all that is similar is attracted to each other. Everything in nature. If you take, for example, two drops of water, if they come close to each other, they become one. If a drop of water and drop of oil come close to each other, they don’t become one. All that is similar is attracted to each other. First you need to feel love inside of you. If you are looking for love outside of your person, it will be much more difficult to find, if you do not feel it inside of you. This works in the same way with money, with love and with all that you want to attract. However this works only if you are clear in what you want, and what direction you want to take which many people are not clear about, rather, they only know what they don’t want or they will say: „Look, i would like this and that, but I know that it is impossible“. If I know clearly what I want, I will look at my self in a different light and I will attract opportunities. And some things are opportunities, and some are not. Some things are coincidences and some things are causes. How to tell them apart? Basically, if something is good for you, it is also good for another person. There are many examples. People who found a job, partner, more money, jewels or a better spiritual well-being. Even I was skeptical and it is good to be skeptical, because there are many people who say different things in a mystical envelope, but in reality it is not mystical at all, it is very normal. What the book does not talk about is the part about blocks and sabotages. This means that one part of our being is telling me yes, this is what i want. But another part is telling me no, because it is scared. Sabotage is for example when I start going to an aerobic lesson, but finally I don’t enter the gym. Or I start taking English lessons, but I never study. I would like to change job, but I tell my self „Not now, there is a crisis.“ A part of me is telling me "yes" and another part of me is telling me "no". I am afraid. What needs to be done is first of all to understand what you wish to accomplish, find out in what part of you there is the block and then conquer this block. The last step is to start existing, start work with your identity. To be happy if you succeed in everything you wanted, but also if you don’t.

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Posted by: me_jake on Jul 26, 2009

Mikah de Waart talks about The Secret and the Law of Attraction in an interview in Spain.

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