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TXP: How My Parents Told Me I Was Blind

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So check this out. Right before - I mean we're setting up to shoot, right? And we get this great question on Twitter. We love it, so we figured we'd answer it right here. Evan @akindoflying wants to know how my folks told me I was blind. See, I was born blind, so it's sort of all I've ever known. I don't know if there was a particular date when they sat me down and went, Uh, listen, kid, we have bad news for ya. You're not like your sisters. You can't see. What does that mean? I don't know if there was a moment where I realized that other people could see, and that I couldn't. I mean, just because everybody around me could, right? It's all I've ever known. Like, I'd never met anybody who couldn't see, for a long time. I think the voice inside my head was saying, you know what, it's okay. I mean, everybody else can see - It just was the way life was. And is. 'Cause it's our own normal, right? I mean, every thing you do, like your life, is completely normal to you. No matter what you experienced when you were growing up. But that was your thing. And you look at other people's lives and go, "Wow, how'd you put up with that?" Or "How'd you make it through that?" Or "Boy, isn't cool you had all this growing up", or you didn't have anything growing up. But that was your normal. So, this was my normal. I just, you know, I couldn't see. I wish I had some comedy here for this, but it was a very serious question. And let's talk about you? What do you mean by "akindoflying"? What is this? Huh? What are you, a politician? ♪ [TXP bumper music] I don't think there was like a seminal moment where I went, I can't see. I should make one up. Wait a minute - I'm blind? Goddammit Mom and Dad, why didn't you tell me?

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Apr 13, 2013


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