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Invictus trailer

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I thank whatever gods might be, for my uncomparable soul. I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. (radio) Today President Mandella takes office in Pretoria, Balancing black aspirations, with white fears. (coach) Remember this day boys. This is the day our country went to the dogs. (Mandella) Brothers, sisters - this is the time to build our nation. All of the whites are cheering for South Africa. All of the blacks are cheering for England. How long before the World Cup? >> Don't get your hopes up. We're a damn disgrace. I've been invited to tea. With who? The President. (Mandella) Tell me Francois, how do we inspire ourselves to greatness, when nothing less will do? How do we inspire everyone around us? What did he want? I think he wants us to win the World Cup. (woman) This rugby - it's a political calculation. It is a human calculation. >> According to the experts, we'll reach the quarter finals, and no further. (Mandella) According to the experts, you and I should still be in jail. (Francois) Times change. We need to change as well. >> We've become more than just a rugby team. >> Did you ever mention this? >> How could I? (Francois) Do you hear? Listen to your country. This is it! This is our destiny! [music: Ladysmith Black Mambazo "Hamba nathi mkhululi wethu" ] ("Go with us, our liberator") ♪♪ (Francois) I was thinking about how you spent 30 years in a tiny cell, and come out ready to forgive the people that put you in? (Mandella) I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. ♪♪

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Oct 29, 2009

Movie Trailer for Invictus

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