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Sentencing Handed Down in Fatal DUI Traffic Crash on Shamrock North 1

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(Danielle) I wanted so badly to die that day. I wish had been me that died that day, and not Mr. Outlaw. (reporter) Danielle Barzykin spoke to her family and the family and friends of the man she killed, one last time, before she heard her prison sentence. (Danielle) There is not one day when I don't think about what I did and hurt. Life is so precious, and I did not realize it until that day. (reporter) Barzykin entered a no contest plea in court Tuesday, that voided her opportunity to have a trial by jury, leaving all decisions up to the judge. The Honorable Jackie Fulford spent almost an hour deciding to sentence Barzykin to 13 years in prison. Douglas Outlaw's wife of 42 years says on April 13, 2010, her husband left around 4 pm to go to the library. A short while after she heard sirens and thought nothing of it. (Ann Outlaw) "That tragedy occurred about a half a mile from my home and I would be reminded every time I go in that direction I lost my husband. I still take a longer route to avoid that street corner." (reporter) Barzykin's attorney and parents say she suffered from anxiety and paranoia and when she didn't get the help she needed, she spiraled out of control. (Barzkyn's mother) "She went nuts" (Barzkin's Atty) no matter how much you can implore upon the court or others when you're dealing with mental health you have to measure it against the loss of a life and how do you measure that in years? It's impossible. (reporter) Authorities say Barzykin's Blood Alcohol level was well over .3 when she took Outlaw's life. (Prosecutor Jack Campbell) "She knew that she couldn't drink on her medications. She knew that she couldn't drive after that. She can drink herself into the grave if she wants to in her home, but when you get behind a wheel- you owe a duty to everyone else on that street "

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Sentencing Handed Down in Fatal DUI Traffic Crash on Shamrock North

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