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♪ music playing ♪ [7x7 Experience When to Do] >> Part of being your own boss means making your own hours. This means that you can really structure Ubering around the schedule that works best for you, whether you Uber full time, part time, or just when you need a little extra cash. As Uber partners, we make money on a trip based on distance, time, and demand. The distance and time element are about how far you took your rider on a trip and how long it took. You can see the base rates for your city at Demand is the real variable at play. You can really use demand to tailor both your paycheck and experience. If you want to earn more money in a shorter period of time, you want to drive when more people need rides. That means thinking about both weekly high-demand times and special events. Typical weekly high-demand times are rush hour traffic and weekend evenings, to and from bars, restaurants, and clubs. Your special events are going to be things like concerts, local festivals, and sporting events. In fact, in some cities, Uber even offers special rates based on demand. One kind of special rate is a surge fare. Surge is when the Uber system automatically raises rates based on rider demand in a specific area. Surge rates will show up on your Uber partner app as a multiplier. There are also areas where Uber offers guaranteed hourly payments for meeting certain requirements. You can check both the app and your emails from Uber for the incentives in your city. These incentives are there to make driving during those high-traffic hours more appealing. And your bank account will reflect your effort. That being said, you are the boss. You can still make money outside of high-demand times by paying attention to the flow of traffic in your area. Especially when you're first starting out or new to an area, it can be really helpful to look at a local calendar of events in addition to the Uber emails. It's also a good idea to drive around your city at different times of day. [When To Do Review] [Pay attention to demand! The more people who need rides, the more money you can make.] [Figure out the hours that work best for you]

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