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Create A Sucessful Launch

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Hi, and welcome to Launch Your Dream Book. It's Lindsey here, and today we are going to discuss the final stages of launching your book. In this process, it's important to realize that launching a book will look different for everyone. Ultimately, you have to find a way to launch your book that will work with your unique beyond the book goals, timeline, and lifestyle. Today we are going to discuss several ways to continue the momentum of the course to ensure you have a successful launch beyond just the initial excitement. So first things first. Create a simple launch plan. It's important to recognize what your beyond the book goal is so you can cater your launch plan to what fits you. Some people choose to focus solely online and choose to offer their e-book at a discounted rate to reach bestseller status, which we talked about in a previous module. Some choose to do a presell to gain capital for their book, which we also talked about in a previous module. Neither is right or wrong—it just depends on what works for you and your goals. The biggest thing to remember is that launching your book is an ongoing process. Once the initial rush is over, it's important to keep momentum high to continue building your book and showcasing it in your community. So please, use the simple launch plan that we created for you to help you get clear and map out your unique process. Next you can schedule events. It's important to showcase your book and yourself at various local and national community events. This will help you build expertise and presence in your community. These events can also help you get seen and also carry you through the year. Remember, you will continuously be launching your book throughout the year, so get events on the calendar that will help you build the momentum to keep going. Here are some other ways to plan or host events. One is to get your clients involved. Have them host a launch party for you. Many of our book course students have done this in the past and had great success. After all, your clients are your biggest supporters. Another thing that you can do is secure booths and/or speaking opportunities at conferences that are in your niche market. For example, if there is a yoga event and your book is about yoga, it might be the perfect niche audience for you. You can also share a table at a community event. Sometimes vendor tables can be costly, so team up and split the cost by getting a vendor table at a community event that is in alignment with your book, and share that cost with someone else that connects with that same message. And lastly, you can book speaking engagements like we talked about in the previous module to help you get events on the calendar and get people excited about where you'll be speaking. Next is to gear up online. Remember, social media is a tool for sharing, not constant self promotion. Give your audience something worth sharing. Use the Public Relations and Social Media tactics in the earlier modules to help you reach your online media. Writing for publications or having bloggers review your book are both great ways to create shareable content that is not a hard sell. Instead, you can focus on giving your tribe something worth reading and sharing. Next is to team up. At this point in the course, many of you are starting to see each others' work take shape. Team up and create events together, review each others' books online, and cultivate the community that we have created here in this course. Together we are strong and can do big things. And last, but not least, remember that launching your book is an ongoing process. You can continuously launch and re-launch or create campaigns around your book throughout the year. Continuously test the market. See what works, what doesn't work, and adapt and refine over time. Your book is the gateway into your new career, so continue to adapt and include ways to get your message into the world.

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Create A Sucessful Launch

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