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The Young Shaman Perspective Part 1/5

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Creation begins with two polar energies. A circle represents the pure feminine energy. A straight line represents the pure masculine energy. In a one-dimensional reality, a world of on and off, yes or no, circles become zeros and lines become ones. The two energies are still separated. But if we add a dimension and begin to interconnect circles, something magical happens. We're now creating the grid on which the pure masculine energy is able to manifest. We discover geometry, the perception of space. Space is defined by three dimensions: Height, width and depth. This last dimension creates our notion of time. We call time the fourth dimension of space, but this is a false conception. Whereas geometry has definite boundaries, time does not. Time is rather a function of a not yet manifested geometry. Time feels like a growing tree of which the branches continuously split to form new branches. Until the tree reaches the complete manifestation of its blueprint. This blueprint is then revealed two-dimensionally within the pattern we see on the leafs. This pattern is the pure masculine expression of how circles would make up the blueprint of cell division. This is called the binary sequence. Everything in this world was born from the binary sequence. Everything grows exponentially until it reaches a state of maximum organized complexity. From there on growth ends and is required to be replaced by a state of balance. If a state of balance can not be reached then the process of decay will begin instead. Within the binary code lies a special sequence. When we draw a binary tree we call this particular sequence of branch points the golden route. It shows a perfect balance because at every branch point the route continues on the opposite branch. Mathematicians will know that hidden within this route are the famous Fibonacci numbers. They represent the golden ratio or golden mean, symbolized by the great letter phi: Φ the synthesis of zero and one. In ancient times the human body was often symbolized with a pentagram. This shape also contains the proportions of the golden ratio. The rule says that the smallest part of something is in proportion to the largest part, as the largest part is in proportion to the whole. The Hermetic concept of as above so below becomes more tangible when one is studying the golden mean. From it you'll be able to at least consider that all which can be perceived by our senses must be in proportion to something larger. And to be able to see that something which is larger one must become conscious of oneself first. Modern science believes that there are at least 118 elements that make up the world, but in ancient times people spoke of only four elements. One of the most ancient books in the world is based on these classical elements. It is called the I Ching, or the Book of Changes. Although the origin of this Chinese book is unknown it must date back at least 3000 years. In the I Ching all forms of life are associated with Yin and Yang. The interaction between these two polar energies is clarified by broken feminine Yin lines and solid masculine Yang lines. By pairing the two energies four sets of two lines or 'Bigrams' are created. One for each element. By tossing three coins six times in a row one is able to draw a pattern of six lines accordingly. The book contains 64 of these patterns, which are called Hexagrams. Each Hexagram symbolizes a psychological change that is occurring in one's life. Likewise, the structure of the genetic code which is used in science to understand the physiological changes that occur in the body is also based on four elements and the interaction between two polar energies. The four elements are called Nucleotides. They are Guanine, Cytosine, Adenine and Thymine. During the process of translating a double-stranded DNA into a single-stranded RNA sequence hydrogen bonds are made of two Nucleotides to create base pairs. Guanine always connects with Cytosine and Thymine always connects with Adenine.

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Duration: 13 minutes and 1 second
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Producer: Rubin van Kooyk
Director: Rubin van Kooyk
Views: 535
Posted by: bookwroteitself on Aug 14, 2011

Multi-layered collage of found footage.

Story written & narrated by Rubin van Kooyk.

This video was part of my graduation work.

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