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Hello, this video is about The route of integral attention For the school coexistence and protocols of attention to situations type one. Two, and three. To make this video is based on law 1620 and the guide 49. Below we will see a situation type one. this type of situation does not threaten the physical, emotional or moral integrity of the student let´s see Continuing the topic, about our planet. A very important point is, how we should take care of our planet It is necessary to have this clear So, how can we take care of our planet? Give me an idea tell me, recycling teacher Correct! Recycling... What's going on? nothing teacher ... which one ? Saving water! yes... you hit me with a ball of those, you always with the same disorder, Leave the mess.... And that little bit of paper balls? teacher ninny was who start, She was throwing paper balls at me Please gather here No! teacher but she was the one who started Others continue to work please This can't go on, you're not letting me give the class So, what's up with the others? you don't let them hear I called them attention twice and they continued with the Guachafita What's going on? Teacher I'm paying attention and ninny is throwing me paper balls She was who started ! Ok that doesn't matter So, I need you to sign this statement of commitment. It´s a shame with you but it is necessary please both sign here. The Protocol of attention given to this situation is as follows; The teacher has to dialogues with the students involved. then has to Then teacher makes them come to a conciliation and make them sign a declaration of commitment, finally must follow up the students Now we will see a situation type two, What does this type of situation consist of? this type of situation directly affects the coexistence of school. Ninny because you're not on the break? What's going on, kid? I'm bored of this school! Every day they mock me And who are bothering you? What do they tell you? what do they do? They are two girls, who are enemies of mine, In the bathrooms mock me but... that´s no good.. I'm going to tell my mom to get me out of this school we sove this problem already... You know who are doing this damage to you? Yes, they're two girls who always vurlan of me. Well we go to where the Rector to solve this right now, and show me who are. The Protocol of attention given to this situation is as follows; First, the case must be presented to the rector of the institution , who is the principal entity of COEXISTENCE COMMITTEE Then the parents are called to attend a meeting, In this meeting the parents and students must be the coexistence committee Then, come to an agreement then, and must sign parents should sign a declaration of Commitment This act of commitment exposes what happened Finally, we will see a situation type three This type of situation causes recorded damage Referred to as crimes by law Friends I have the latest gossip! really? do you know Luisa? she is short she is in 9°, She always combs her hair like this LUISA! She's brown-skinned someone say that she sleeps with teachers to win the subject.. REALLY? Yes, I was listening in the bathrooms. I hear you! I don't care, it's true what they say! Do you know? Calm down! Let's fix this always is the same TEACHER.. TEACHER.. TEACHER! What happened? what happend? LUISA you stays here! Teacher I did not do anything... Ninny go and call for a quick nurse. The Protocol of attention that is given to this type of situation is the following In this case as we see that there is Physical aggression First aid should be given to the person who is injured Then call the police of childhood and adolescence who is in charge and takes control of the cituacion.. THANK YOU!

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situations that affect school coexistence

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