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Sweden Begins To Realise What A Serious Muslim Infiltration Means

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In December and Iraqi born immigrant try luckily his bombs malfunctioned he only blow up himself in his car then at the end of the month Sweden and Denmark arrested five Islamic militants accusing them of planning additional terrorist attacks. in five days the whole discourse of the whole country changed with stigmatisation the islamiphobia are now it changed. For years Sweden has had a very open immigration policy out of the country of 9 million people more than 1 million are immigrants and a third of that group comes from the Middle East and Somalia. . Now the immigrant question is causing a political backlash. The minority never dangers before it a big minority it will be regarded as the problem by the majority. when it becomes a big minority it will be regarded as the problem by the majority. Critics say immigrants cluster together refused to learn Swedish and live off the country's welfare attention over the immigration question is being further inflamed by the rise of a far right political party the Sweden Democrats. Many accuse the party of using nationalism for their benefit tradition of European social democratic parties. We believe in the welfare state and to uphold the welfare state will also have to make well for policy changes but careful criticisms about the welfare state book ended by questions about the motives of Muslim organisations in this open areas as such so I dont trust those Moslem groups in Sweden at the mosque in Malmo the president of the Centre is very aware of questions about what goes on inside. This is a centre we think of as more than a Muslim center it's open to everybody the centre is also home to a primary school for students from kindergarten to 6th grade . We teach the same things as the other schools because we have the swedish curriculum so we teach the students all the subjects that all the other schools do. students at the school also take classes in religion Religion of course unites us, but it plays a very big part that we have chosen to be a Swedish administration and to be a Swedish Basque. The Islamic centre has been successful in recruiting teachers and students because tolerance is a celebrated value in Sweden. street protests here are more likely to defend refugee rights then to the man a ban on Muslim practices like space males. But as the fortunes of the Sweden Democrats improve that tradition could change at the top of the list of their objections minarets of course the Muslims should have some kind of a place to beg or to hook up to meet her but not those big complex buildings with those minarets I think that's a swedish thing. How the country decides what is Swedish is hardly a simple question and how its answered could have implications for countries far beyond Scandinavia if we cant get it right what is a recipe for the rest of Europe who have much more backward policies in terms of social challenges that they are facing Daniel Arrospide on kohalik poliitik Stockholmis

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Sweden Begins To Realise What A Serious Muslim Infiltration Means

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