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Greg Wilson Employee Spotlight

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[Meet Our Team!] [Greg Wilson] Greg Wilson, how long have you worked for Vogler? I have been in Vogler for a little over a year. All right, and where are you from? I’m from Du Quoin, Illinois, born and raised. Cool! So, you went to school there? Yes. All right, you got any hobbies after work? Yes, I am an avid golfer, still play a little bit of basketball. I’m playing some slow pitch softball this summer, so I try to stay active as much as I can. But golf is my passion. Yeah? Yeah. Allright, passion – what’s your favorite food? Pizza. Pizza - any… <<Without a doubt>>… …any kind of pizza? Any toppings? I prefer thin crust. Not a lot of toppings. The basics - hamburger, sausage, pepperoni. Are you an anchovies guy? No. Anchovies are gross. No anchovies. You a sports fan? Yes, yes, avid St. Louis Cardinals fan and huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, my whole life. Cool! You‘re a fan of <<So...>>any golf players? Tiger Woods, obviously. Jack Nicklaus. I would love to play golf with Fred Couples. So, those are just some of them, a few. Cool! You like going on vacation anywhere? Yes, I like to go to Myrtle Beach because I consider it golf heaven - 120 golf courses within the 45 minute drive. So, <<Cool>>yeah. Do you have a dream vacation, or is that basically it? The golf vacations. Yeah. Yeah. Anywhere you go you play golf? Yeah. Alright. What’s the favorite car you‘ve owned? The one that I have coming in in about a month. I have a new 2018 Ford Explorer ordered, and it will be here in May. What color is it? Blue metallic <<Cool!>> with the XLT Sport Appearance Package. Cool! Looking forward to it. So, you work in sales here, you do a great job. Thank you! What’s your favorite thing about it? I just like helping people. When I first got in the car business 4 years ago, I started in service, and people sometimes get upset with you in service when you tell them that they owe 3-$400 to fix their car. So, I worked in service for about 4 months and switched to sales, and now I just have the pleasure of helping people. A car is the second biggest purchase people make and I enjoy that when they leave, they’re happy, we’re all, you know, taking pictures, everybody’s happy, and it’s just a fun time, so... And, every day is different. It’s never the same twice in the car business, so…

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