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Holma Morris: This is revealed by conversations with Job and this gentleman Chaux, wanted to plead with you to not say what he said, that the paramilitaries in the Cauca Valley and helped to elect him as governor. Éver Velóza: much to come and talk to me or tell me not to say I've been saying is true, what happened in this country (Colombia), I'll keep saying because I have no commitments to anyone my commitment is to truth my commitment is to the victims and the law of justice and peace and will continue doing so. H.M: Have you managed to receive some message, some reason on the part of Mr. Chaux, to recant? E.V: My every day I get messages from people of whom we have spoken to do not talk about them but, as I have done many of my versions I said immediately that my messages are coming through people: lawyers, others and I'm not willing to lend to those situations as this is a very serious and a process that has an international connotation where we have to accept it with great responsibility, where I am bound to tell the truth and continue to do so. H.M: You reaffirmed what was said against Mr Chaux, we can remember? E.V: Sure!, which I said that Chaux had joined me and we had meetings with him and that comes back and ratified I'll be back and I say and Justice and Peace and delve more on everything having to do with Mr Chaux H.M: But I say ..., meetings to agree on electoral agreements? E.V: Yes! As I said in the Cauca us there, we were present and we had great power in nearly the majority of the department of Cauca as I said in Justice and Peace, as with Mr Chaux just talk to him on the subject of meetings and we have not delved more on the policy and in my version of Justice and Peace say more about that issue, as are issues that must first speak with them Justice and Peace then talk about them by other means.

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Country: Colombia
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Posted by: mellorestrepo on May 1, 2011

El ex jefe paramilitar, Éver Veloza, alias H.H., ratificó sus acusaciones contra el ex embajador de República Dominicana Juan José Chaux por sus vínculos con paramilitares cuando fue Gobernador del Cauca. [Contravía- Hollman Morris]

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