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NASA Telescopio Espacial

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The efforts of thousands of people across the United States, Canada, and Europe for almost two decades achieved this milestone the optical and science segment of the largest space telescope ever contructed stands complete in one of the largest clean rooms in the world ready to endure its toughest yet battery of testing. Getting to this point wasn't easy nevermind the logistic and construction challenges this international endeavor presents before astrophysicists dreams of building web could be realized 10 technologies that did not exist needed to be created and perfected they were To give you a sens of where we are in the mission the Webb Telescope consists of three main segments the spacecraft bus, the Sun shield, and the telescope which includes Webb's instruments. This telescope segment of NASA's most ambitious Space Observatory stands complete and tall in the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center clean room. An international team of engineers built and tested this revolutionary telescope segment. Beyond space flight hardware the webbed mission required building assembly structures test facilities transportation enclosures engineering copies called pathfinders and even a miniature testbed telescope revolutionary lightweight composite material capable of maintaining its shape to one ten-thousandth of a human hair at temperatures near absolute zero forms webs backplane and science instruments support structures. Webs mirror segments began as beryllium ore mined in Utah they crisscross the United States to be formed lightened polished gold coated and finally perfectly placed on the backplane structure with the help of a of a robotic arm Four state-of-the-art science instruments from NASA and its international partners The European Space Agency and Canadian Space Agency were installed and tested each loaded with advanced components and detectors and capable of operating at temperatures near absolute zero. Scientists will use this instruments to tease out anwers to astronomical mysteries near the edge of the visible universe in galaxies closer to home around planets orbiting our star and others like it nearby. The Webb Telescope segment now stands complete after launch phase environment testing at Goddard this segment will endure more cryogenic testing at The NASA Johnson Space Center. Later the telescope will travel to Northrop Grumman in Los Angeles to be mated to its Sun shield and spacecraft bus thus completing the observatory assambly. The James Webb Space Telescope Our new eye on the Universe.

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NASA Telescopio espacial James Webb
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Miles de personas, durante casi dos décadas, lograron la construcción del elemento telescópico del mayor telescopio espacial jamás creado. El segmento óptico y científico del "Telescopio Espacial James Webb" está completo en una de las salas limpias más grandes del mundo, ubicada en el Centro de Vuelo Espacial Goddard de la NASA.
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