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DragonBall Kai Episode 1 Part 1/3 HD

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Kakarott? Yeah, he's a low power Kid. Guess we'll have to send him to some remote planet. Right. A Boy from the Planet Vageta. His home Planet was now under attack by a fearsome enemy. Freeza!! Lord Freeza! It's Lord Freeza! Now, Everything will be resolved. The fate of the planet Vageta, the fate of kakarott.. ...and your fate as well! It's all over! W-what? KaKarott... Kakarott!! My Son, Kakarott... Follow my will... you will avenge the Saiyans and Planet Vageta! And so, a baby arrived to earth from a far away Planet. Unknown to him, this boy carried a heavy fate. I will name you Goku. This is the Story of Goku Goku grew up to be a healthy boy. Together with Bulma, he set out to gather the Dragon Balls, which were rumored to grant any wish, should one gather all seven. He made many friends during his travel, and with rigorous training, constantly gained more and more strength. In his fight against the magical beings trying to conquer the world, he further increased his power under the eyes of hermit karin-sama. ...and defeat the great magical king Piccolo, who was trying to regain his youth using the Dragon Balls. Upon his death, Piccolo left behind final legacy, however, three years later... the reborn Piccolo ... and the greatly grown Goku faced off once again, and Goku gained victory at last. Five years later, Goku suddenly got married, and everyone lived on in peace. However.. Gohan-Chan! Lunch is ready! Gohan-Chan! This one will do. Gohan-Chan! Welcome Back. Goku-Sa, where's Gohan? Im tired already. What are you talking about? Have you seen Gohan? huh? I haven't seen him. If you boy's don't eat and get out of here soon, Master Roshi and the others will grow tired of waiting for you. Alright ill go look for him. I don't think he's gone too far off. Right. Leave it to me. im counting on you! You sure are pretty. My name is Gohan. Wait! Mommy! Daddy! Gohan! It's Daddy Just wait there! I'm coming to get you! Gohan! a little further! Daddy! Gohan! Daddy! Gohan! Gohan! Daddy! I'm Scared! I'm Scared! I can't get down! i'm Scared! Daddy, That was scary! That was so scary! Gohan, D-did you? How'd you climb up here? I-i don't know. Gohan, let's go home. Your Mommy is worried. We have to go to old timer Turtle Hermit's place. right away to, you know?

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DragonBall Kai Episode 1 Part 1/3 High Defenition

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