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Hallmark requires that you report your travel time and mileage anytime you are working away from home. Travel time and mileage is a reimbursable expense that must be reported accurately and submitted on the day of work. This video addresses time and mileage reporting on the CrownConnect. If you report your time on the VRU the same policies are in affect. Please note that there is also a “CrownConnect Time Reporting Video” that is separate from this session. Work travel includes “Commute” travel and “Account to Account” travel as defined in the Hallmark Part Time Field Employee Handbook. The handbook is located on the Hallmark Mass Service screen when you first turn on the CrownConnect. Employees will be paid for their travel time and mileage to travel both to and from the first and last work sites of the day, minus an “ordinary commute.” An ordinary commute, for purposes of this policy, is defined as 30 minutes and 30 miles. It is important to note that when reporting Commute Travel time and mileage, you should NOT deduct this 30 minutes or 30 miles from your travel time and mileage values. These deductions will automatically be made by the CrownConnect or by Hallmark if using the VRU. Additionally, if your commute travel is less than 30 minutes and/or less than 30 miles, you must still report your commute travel. You are to always report the actual values of your commute travel time and mileage. If an you work at two or more work sites in the same calendar day, for example, you service two or more accounts, or work an installation and stop at a copy center to make business-related copies then you will have Account-to-Account travel. You are responsible for accurate record keeping and should not guess or estimate time or distance traveled. Although you may know the travel time or mileage it routinely takes to travel between accounts or to and from home, travel time and distance can be impacted by traffic and detours that could cause you to reroute your travel plan. Always input time and travel in the sequence in which the event happens. Do not put it off and report it later. Report your travel time and mileage as part of the store visit check in process. If you skip reporting your travel until later in the day, you may make a mistake or not report this accurately. After scanning into the account to begin work, and completing the Visit Details screen, you will report your Type of Travel. If this is the first stop of the day after leaving home or the final stop for the day after arriving home, select Commute. Commute travel is always reported to the first account you are driving to for the day when you leave home. When traveling home at the end of the day, Commute travel is charged to the last account you were in before commuting home. Do NOT skip this screen or tap “Begin” until you have first reported your travel. In this example the Commute Travel started at 6:10 for a duration of 23 minutes and 17 miles. The Commute Travel Policy displays at the bottom of the screen indicating that 0 miles and 0 minutes will be reimbursed. Tap “Begin” to begin the Store Visit and complete your tasks for the visit. Then scan out when you are finished with the store visit. As part of the store checkout process when you end your visit, you will always be asked if this is the last store you will see for the day. Answer Yes or No then tap on “Confirm.” If you answered Yes, the purple check out screen will remind you to report your Commute Travel when you arrive home. In addition, 60 minutes from this point, an audible alarm will remind you to report your Commute Travel home if you have not already done this after arriving home. When you arrive at your final destination at the end of the day, always remember to report your final commute. You will always have two commute travel events per day. As a reminder, all time records, including travel, mileage, and any expenses must be approved and submitted at the end of the day on the day the work occurs. If you will be traveling to a second account to work in another store you will follow a similar process. However instead of reporting Commute Travel you will report Account to Account Travel when you arrive at the next account. Account to Account Travel is 100% reimbursable, even if you only travel one minute or one mile. The 30 mile/30 minute rule will not apply as it did with Commute Travel. Account to Account Travel is always reported to the account you are driving to. In this example, we reported a total Account to Account travel duration of 12 minutes and 8 miles. All of this time is reimbursable as noted at the bottom of this screen. Next, tap on “Begin” in the top right of the screen to proceed with the store visit. When you are finished, end the time record. You will be asked if this is the last store you will see for the day. Answer Yes or No, then tap on “Confirm.” If you answer NO, travel to your next scheduled account for the day and repeat the process to report Account to Account travel for all the accounts you visit in the day. You will have multiple account to account travel records if you see multiple stores in a day. When you arrive home, launch CrownConnect from the Hallmark Mass Service Screen. Select Time & Expenses. Input your final Commute Travel home, review all of your time records and edit, add or delete as needed to ensure your what you are submitting is accurate. Failure to report and submit all time spent on work-related activities and/or failure to report your hours daily or accurately are serious violations of Hallmark’s time-keeping policies and will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of your employment. For complete instructions on time reporting please refer to the Time Reporting Tip Sheet, the Time Reporting recorded WebEx, the CrownConnect User’s Guide or your supervisor. That completes this video. Thank you!

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