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Jane on MSNBC

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new reports that HRC will give up her NY Senate Seat and accept the nomination of SoS even though her selection is yet to be formalized the NYT says an announcement will be made sometime after Thanksgiving a spokesman for Clinton says the discussions are very much on track but no final arrangement has been made ...and some of Barack Obama's choices are inciting rumbling from the Liberal blogisphere the NYT writes today that Obama's cabinet picks suggests he is planning to govern from the right center of his party and many lefty bloggers who are credited with promoting his candidacy are worried that once in office may turn his back on them Jane Hamsher, Founder of Firedoglake dot com joins us this morning. Good Morning Jane, how are you ? Jane: Good Morning and how are you ? AW: I'm fine. but want to ask you a question that may upset you a bit - why are liberal bloggers so concerned Obama may abandon them well I think the problem people are seeing right now is the people he is appointing to his cabinet are very much not in line with what he promised when he was running. he was running against the Clintons at that time and the message was 'let's get the Clinton's out of Washington DC and now some of the people appointed to his Cabinet are ex Clintonistas. now some are more bothered than others ...people who can't extricate themselves from the Primary Wars, but other people, such as myself see that you know, who's he going to appoint ? these are the people who have experience in Washington DC and we're just looking forward hopefully to the idea that with HRC as SoS, that signals maybe Mid East Peace is going to be on the table again Alex: ok, I'm going to read from actually your own blog there on and here's . . .(jane interrupts "that could be dangerous" and here's what you wrote regarding a quote from MSNBC that you were watching: asked what it would mean if Lieberman kept his Chairmanship, one Senate Aide said they've been foiled again, they can rant and rage but they can't put the fear in to folks to actually change their vote their influence would be in question so I guess the question of the influence of liberal bloggers, do they have an unrealistic view of their influence that they hold ?? Jane: well obviously we scared that person enough because they were too afraid to give their name but I think that the question of Lieberman doesn't have to do with the cabinet appointments he's making so much as it has to do with the Senate and I think that that is actually of quite a bit of concern rather than opting for true change which would have meant putting Joe Lieberman & Cheney and Bush influence out of office ...they decided for the optics of change. a sort of kumbaya of politics but Joe Lieberman himself didn't investigate Katrina because the Republicans didn't want him to, he has overlooked the graft to the tune of $15B in Homeland Security that Henry Waxman rooted out that he refused to investigate. so I think there is concern that we're gonna have the same same ol Bush Administration with Lieberman there But people are hoping there's a larger agenda that Joe Lieberman wont be able to sabotage that Barack Obama is gonna go for Believe people are still very much on his side and want to see him do great Alex: Ok, let's uh, bloggers with their concerns about Hilary Clinton and her choice as SoS because there was no love lost in terms of Foreign Policy between the two, uh Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton when they were candidates in the campaign What are you hearing from bloggers on that front ? Jane: I think people are realistic and they understand campaign rhetoric and acutal governance can be two separate things you know, Hilary Clinton and Diplomacy aren't really two things people think of in the same sentence yet at the same time, Obama's got no greater challenge before him than what happens in the Middle East Bmaz over at Emptywheel's blog wrote a great post about how Hilary Clinton, nobody has quite the clout, the relationships, the international capital and perhaps be able to go in to push the Israelis and Palestinians in to some kind of agreement ...and that could have an effect throughout the Middle East and our economy. The Europeans and the Americans are putting ...untold amounts of our money there. That could be alleviated if there was some kind of peace there. So I think people are hopeful ...Hilary Clinton going in to that job signals that it could be a priority in the Obama Administration Alex: Ok, Founder Jane Hamsher. Thank you Jane for joining us here on MSNBC Saturday.

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Posted by: clarice on Nov 22, 2008

reality based blogger provides insight to the Obama Transition and Lieberschmuck

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