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Create a Balance of Nurture and Structure

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Be prepared to create an environment that has a balance of structure and nurture. Some families say when their child first comes home, "I'm just going to love them. They've been through so much." And others might be tempted to say when their child comes home, "I'm going to give him structure because he's really come from places where there wasn't any structure." Many years of child development research predicts that only in a balanced environment of structure and nurture can our children have optimal development. Now do you need to be more compassionate for a child from hard places? You absolutely do. Do you need to understand why their behaviors may not be optimal? You absolutely do. But as you respond, it may be something as simple as, "Sweetie, that's no okay. Please try that again with respect." We need to give our children understandable tangible guidelines for what we expect from them behaviorally. Now it's important to give your child structure. It's incredibly important to give them nurture. If you give a child nurture when they need structure, you limit their ability to grow. And if you give them structure when they need nurture, you limit their ability to trust. So this is going to be a balancing act for you as a parent. It's going to challenge anything you've ever done before. To be aware. What is my child's behavior really saying? What does my child really need? Give lots of compassion, lots of nurture, but remember that structure is a part of a loving environment.

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Posted by: jenfridley on Feb 25, 2018

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