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[A Private Celebration] When I was researching the takeover of public space when I started off I thought okay this is just advertising. We've always had advertising. It's just more advertising. But what I started to understand and what I understand now is that branding if not advertising its production. The very successful corporations the corporations of the future do not produce products. They produced brand meaning. The dissemination of the idea of themselves is their act of production. And the dissemination of the idea of themselves is an enormously invasive project. So how do you make a brand idea real? Well, a good place to start is by building a three dimensional manifestation of your brand. For a company like Disney it goes even further where it's actually building a town Celebration Florida. Currently there are about 5000 residents who call Celebration home. And there are about 1300 single-family homes a town centre that's a place where people gather. It has about four or five restaurants and about a dozen other shops. Their inspiration their brand image is the all American family. And the sort of by gone American town. Their brand driver is family magic and everything that the company does is in and around those two words. If you take that a branded environment such as a Disney World or a Disneyland is a logical extension of that brand. Film animated film family oriented film; it's a very logical extension of that. As a business though they also know that if they want to get into other forms of entertainment that does not fit family magic they do not brand it Disney. If they want to get into adult more serious type fare when it comes to film they brand it Touchstone. Disney brand speaks of reassurance it speaks of tradition it speaks of quality. And you can see that here in this community that we've built. And that's where you see the truly imperialist aspirations of branding which is about building these privatized branded cocoons. Which maybe you start by shopping in and then you continue by holidaying in but eventually why not just move in. What happens if we wake up one day and we find out that virtually all of our relationships that are mediated between us and our fellow human beings are commercial? We find out that virtually every relationship we have is a commercially arbitrated relationship with our fellow human being? Can civilization survive on that narrow a definition of how we interact with each other? Wow... What a dream!

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Posted by: rafaelmatheus on May 30, 2010

Branding is not just advertising, it's production. It's the dissemination of the idea of the corporation, such as Disney building a town called Celebration, Florida. They are selling the living embodiment of what the Disney brand is supposed to represent.

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