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When we provide great service to our customers, they tell others. And therefore that gives us opportunity to provide them the same service. I was just in Guatemala and we have several of the McDonald's and they're testing us and trying to see how well Orkin does and it looks like we're going to get the close to 100 of them going forward because of that great service. Well, there's organizations of fast food and others that get together regularly. That means Taco Bell and Burger King and other...Wendy's that's there in Guatemala and as they talk, it's going to balloon so we get more of these customers through good service. We need to ask our customers then, anything else you know anyone that would like our service? And therefore ask for referrals so that we can provide the great service to others. Now when we do the service, we always want to do a little bit extra. So let me give you an example. I was at the Crowne Plaza in Costa Rica recently doing a seminar, an IPM seminar, for a lot of our customers and potential customers. When I left the seminar I went back to my hotel room and a set of my clothes had been washed. I didn't request that they were washed, they were in my dirty pack there. The actual housekeeping folks had seen my dirty bag, had taken the clothes, washed them, put them back in the closet. I mean, next time I go to Costa Rica, where am I going to stay? Of course at that Crowne Plaza. Now we don't have them as a customer so I emailed them and thanked them and shared with them that we would like to provide them that same type of service in pest control that they provided to me as a guest in their hotel. Doing those little things, that don't take a lot of time or energy, I'm sure they're washing all sorts of clothes so just to throw mine in the laundry with the rest probably wasn't a huge big deal, but it meant a lot to me. So whether that's picking up a little bit of trash somewhere, scrubbing up something that—a leak that's actually happened or a food debris that's gone on there, helping caulk up something, all of those are little things that the customers going to appreciate and then in turn will refer us to others. Or when we ask for a referral, are going to say of course, talk to them or over here, they'd like your service as well. So, good service will lead to us getting referrals and when we request them, our customers will provide them.

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