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Awakening the Economy, Building Community - The Event

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My name is Tatiana Maya I´m from Colombia 28 years old, with a baby 3 months old and married I have a Bachellor on Environmental Engineering from Colombia and I did a Master of Environmental Management at the University of Queensland I´m taking a Master on Education for Sustainability. I´ve got to finish that one but... ...I guess that is my academic background In the way I said it Transitions Town are a movement of people who are concerned about many of the global challenes that humanity is facing So the focuse that I see of these groups is on building community and building local resiliency when groups are facing these global challenges. Namely, pick oil, climate change, and from my personal perspective, the challenge of an economic crisis or... lack of money as some people experiences So, complentary currencies are an option to build local economic resiliency It´s not a new idea, it´s not an ilegal idea. It´s something that gives an option to use money to serve the purpose of bringing about heallthy communities You certanly have the right to say that and I clearly respect it, because, you know, when you see all these uncertainties and all these fights, for and against climate change and pick oil, cientits say, climate change is a fact, but at the same time there are cientists that also say that it´s not 100% reliable data what we have, to say that climate change is actually happening and then you´ll see this climate gate scandal where information about how the software that was managing all the information about climate change was kind of manipulated Whean I have this vision of 100.000 people buying a car, using fuel, cooking at their places, making use of water obiously, and then puting the water back into the oceans eventually, with all these quemicals into it. Think of it as, you know you have a glass of water and then you put a cub of ice in it, the volume increases, the volume of water increases.

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Why would you be interested in attending this event. The organizer shares her insights and passion on building The New Economics for Humanity.

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