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Liters of Light

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Every liter saved helps to produce energy; at the hydreletric power plants and in Mr. Alfredo's gadget. In 2002, in the middle of a big blackout, the mechanic from Uberaba realized he could escape from the dark by hanging plastic bottles filled with water on his ceiling. - This is a PET bottle filled with 2 liters of clean water, and 2 caps like this of chloride water, and a photo-film pot like this one, to protect from the sun, so the cap won't rot. - Photo camera film? - Yeah, photo camera film. The invention has crossed borders, and became an attraction at the Ecological Park Chico Mendes, in Great Sao Paulo. It also startled the science's curiosity, and this electrical engineer measured the light intensity of each bottle. - The luminosity is equivalent to a lamp between 40 and 60 watts, for sure. Mr. Alfredo's bright idea spreaded itself through the neighborhood. Mrs. Geralda right away managed to install the water lamps at her house, even in the bathroom. - It's amazing, how dark it was. - Look how bright it is now! - What are the disadvantages of this lamp? - Well, the lamp doesn't have any disadvantage. - Does it work during a rain? - It does! And without any leakages. Approval also at Mr.Jose's garage. The electricity bill has been reduced; the lamps are around for two years, and without maintenance. I just leave it there, and at the morning the lamps are already on. And it automatically goes off when it's night. The image is curious: bottles out of the roofs around the whole neighborhood. Without windows, and on a tight budget, Mrs. Lidia made holes in the roof to get out of the dark. - This was the ambient that you lived at, with the before-and-after the lamp. - Now, without the light... it gets really dark. - Everything dark. - Now we're gonna take off the bucket, on my count, okay? - One, two, three! - What a difference. The feeling is that everything gets brighter, huh? - It does get brighter, and you don't even have to turn on the light; it's good because of the heat here. -It really works!

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Country: Brazil
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Posted by: jorgeguberte on Oct 6, 2008

Eco-equipment for internal illumination. How to make lamps using PET bottles and solar light.

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