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Don Williamson Nissan Vehicle Spotlight - 2019 Nissan Altima

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- Hey, I'm Al Howard. I'm working for Don Williamson Nissan and I'm about to demonstrate the 2019 Nissan Altima. First of all, the Altima has brand new body style as you can see. It's much more aggressive styling This is the Nissan SV. The SV is going to come standard with power door locks, remote start, sunroof comes standard. Heated seats come standard as well This particular one right here, Nissan has implemented the new safety features. It has got blind spot monitor which is good for somebody to warn on your blind spot. It's also got the new ProPILOT Assist. What that designed to do, you have sensors in your rear view mirror if you’re driving, as long as it tells you your cruise control is on as well. If you starts to go from the center of the lane, it sends brake pressure to help you maintain to be on the center of the lane here. It's a great safety feature as well too. This one here has a 2.5 liter, 188 horsepower 4-cylinder, great gas mileage as you can see 28 and 39 as the gas mileage average on it as well too. This particular one has some optional features. It has a new 17-inch alloy wheels which has a very nice look. It has the new rear spoiler on it as well too. This particular vehicle, everything is totally different from the lights and the wave design as well. Nissan has implemented their emergency braking which is standard on SV as well too. This particular one has rear emergency braking as well so if somebody were to walk behind you here, it detects it. Sensor is located back here as well. A great product. Come see us at Don Williamson Nissan.

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