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Introduction of 3DHD

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Vision, we all count on it. Some more than others "Ball~" Possibly, the most vision-critical professional of all is that of the OR surgeon. Until recently, doctor's performing laparoscopic surgeries. We are only able to see in a 2-dimensional plane. These same surgeons have been using 3D for preop diagnostics and for surgical reviews for a long time. Viking Systems has finally closed the loop with their 3Di system. Over the last (umm...) 13 years at Hoag (Hospital) we've been using that traditional 2-dimensional laparoscopic system. and appoximately 6 month ago, I was able to transition to using the 3-dimensional Viking approach. and for me personally that's been a really wonderful transition. so it restored passion and enjoyment and well factor being in the operating room. Doing any open case that you do. Close one eye and operate with one eye. That's basically the view you say what 2-dimensional laparoscopy. Now open that I am and you're seeing with two eyes that 3-dimensional depth perception that you see with the Viking headset. So why would you want to operate with one eye open, when you got two good eyes available to you? At the fore-front of the 3Di vision system is the ergonimically-designed head-mounted display. The 2D world gives you no depth field. With a 3D vision restored, your depth field is exactly how alike to view things in the real world. Surgical precision is increased when dissecting, suturing, viewing around critical structures such as neurovascular bundles. The headset is actually quite light. You don't really notice it on your head when you're doing surgery. You do not get fatique from wearing the headset even if you doing procedures for a number of hours. Not only as comfortable and less fatiguing I think that, without a doubt, the surgery goes more smoothly and more quickly. The other advantage of the headset is that, you can move your head around. If you get tired of standing having your head one direction you can stand and put your head in another direction you see the same picture. That's an another big advantage of robotic systems where you are basically locked in one position. For the entirely length of the case, they can get a little fatiguing as anybody who's done robotic surgery will be attestive. The advantages of Viking 3D System include the ability to deliver depth perception. It perserves tactile sensation. Offers on demand picture-in-picture clinical data. There is virtually no learning curve. Procedure time may be reduced. The Viking System can move to any OR with virtually no training requirements or costs. Viking offers efficiency that's not equal by some of or other more cumbersome systems. In that, we can move the Viking not only just for one operating room to another but one of operating arenas to another. It can be shared cross specialties and we have multiple departments doing endoscopic surgery and this is technology with that fairely economical investment that you can spread across your surgical arena would ease. The Viking 3Di Vision System is a sound investment, double your economic value, may help to improve clinical outcomes, and allows you to establish your facility as a 3D surgery center of excellence. The most vivid demonstration (that) it's really been successful for us at Hoag is the percentage of our positions who have gone from doing the procedures open to doing non-invasively which is just about everybody, every case, so it's very impressive to us. There is only one way to ensure your patients to getting the best care possible. Make the choice to join other living heath care facilities around the world. To provide your surgical teams, with 3D technology from Viking Systems. Without accurate depth perception, How can one expect to achieve greatness? Viking Systems, improving the lives of others, one patient ahead of time.

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3D visualization system for laparoscopic surgery

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