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Hi David, you’re taking the company bus too? Yes I am, so how was your vacation? I just returned from a really fun trip abroad! I only joined Dell six months ago. I didn’t expect the vacation benefits to be so good! Hiya, another new apprentice? Hi David, that’s right! Murphy’s already been with us for a while, but all new employees undergo two months of mentor training. I’m just analyzing our workplace advantages with him. That’s right! Thanks to Echo’s one-to-one guidance, now I have a clearer understanding of my whole career plan. How about you, David? Do you want me to train you up too? No thanks! Hey, long time no see! What have you been up too lately? Not much, just my usual foodie hobbies, hanging out with the gourmet food club, making pastries, wine tasting and so on. Do you know our company's community aimed at young people? GenNext? Yes, that’s it! They’re organizing a climbing trip for a hundred people, Why don’t we go join in? OK, sure! Hey, you’ve only been with the company for six months and you’re already in the lab. There's no stopping you! Well, you know how our company prioritizes innovation, and my colleagues are willing to train me. This is some new equipment that we’ve introduced to optimize the manufacturing process. Hey, how come you’re in the gym? The company doesn’t encourage overtime, so I always come to the gym when I finish work. What’s that on your head? I’m just filming stuff, recording my day at work and my life. We just happen to have a vacancy in our team. You can help us advertise it! OK! Hi, I’ve just finished filming my day. Dell feels like home. Everyone’s really warm and caring, and of course, there are endless opportunities to try new things. Dell is an international employer with extensive resources. Here you can be yourself! Oh yes, and we have the most amazing benefits. Take it from me: join Dell, you won’t regret it!

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Apr 25, 2017


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