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No to suicide

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Hello My name is Alan Bispo. We start this project with a series of Spiritualist films. "Suicide, never!" is based on a real story, recounted by Divaldo Pereira Franco in one of his lectures in Rio de Janeiro. We hope to convey to you all the burden of emotions we felt on that day in the hall. Enjoy the film. This film is based on real events. Special participation: Alcione Mazzeo Special participation: Carlos Vereza Special participation: Gilberto Maciel Special participation: Monique Lafond Special participation: Othon Bastos Special participation: Renato Prieto Direction and Screenplay Allan Bispo "Suicide, never!" Patricia, let me in! Let me in, Patricia! What do you want here? I'm with a friend here outside. Let me in! I won't let you in! My girl is with me. She is sick and has a fever! I need to enter, Patricia! I won't let you in! Go sniff somewhere else with your friend! Patricia! Let me in, Patricia! I need to enter, Patricia! I'm losing control. You'd better go, before I cause a disaster. How are you going to work with the child I promise that she will not disturb me. Please, I do need this job. Please give me a chance. Why don't you look for a government institution to take care of the girl? Look, I'm so sorry, but I already have a maid. Thank you. She is crazy! Do you think I will take her in? I do not understand this kind of people bringing a child into the world to starve These people don't look after themselves I have pity on that innocent. Poor thing! Look, mommy will leave you here just for a short while. You stay here playing, because mommy is going to work, ok? I'll try to make money for us. ok? Bye, mommy. Go to work. Please! Excuse me! Lady, please! Please buy a banana sweet to help me. Hi, man. Would you please buy, a banana sweet to help me out? Off course! Is that all you want, baby? I want three, okay? Hey! Ah, there you are. I thought you were gone. Where's the food? Take it easy! What is your hurry? It is because she's hungry. I decided to cook a dinner for both of us today. No! I want the same as the other times It is not necessary. Please just give me the food and I'll go with her. But take it easy. My wife is away. By the way, would you like to have a shower, listen to some music, relax a little bit. Wait a minute. I am going to change my shirt, then we can talk better. Alright. Let us get out of here, my daughter. Patricia, wait. Patricia! My daughter, come with mommy. My daughter, we need to do this. It will be good for us I promise. Everything will be ok, my daughter. Come with me, my little angel. Mommy will sort everything out. Come, my daughter. Everything will end now. I promise you. ok? Why, mommy? because our suffering will end up my daughter. You will not feel anything. I'm afraid Mommy will sort everything out. Stay with me, my little angel Dani? Dani! Dani! Dani, be careful with the car, my daughter! Look out! Get out of there, Dani! Please! Get out! No! I made a mistake. I made a mistake My daughter, no Why? It is over. Now, it is over. Look, it is my mommy. Mommy! Mommy! Dani? Help me! Please, help me! Help! My daughter! Dani! Help me! Here! Help me! Help! Hold on! Hold on! Take it easy! This way. Don't look down! My daughter! I should not have done that. Forgive me, my daughter. "Suicide, never!" Joanna de Angelis What is your name? Patricia! Where can I take you to, Patricia? I have nowhere to go, man. Take it easy! Look, I know a charity organisation. I can take you two there. They will help you and also tell you how absurd is to cut the thread of life. Do you accept? I do. but don't feel guilty. Let's go? Let's go.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 40 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Producer: Alan Bispo
Director: Alan Bispo
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Posted by: grasso1964 on Aug 27, 2013

This video is based on a true story.

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