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Why Children as Adults End Up totally Disliking their Parents

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Desteni Presents: Why People End Up Totally Disliking their Parents 19/april/09 - Bernard Poolman What's more interesting is that all the Abuse that happens to Children comes from 'Parents' when they have over-fed their System - they require new 'Energy'. How do they do it? They take the Child and use 'anger' or 'sexual abuse' or 'violence' to Access the Child's Energy, so they make a 'insertion' into the Child, take part of the Child's Energy for themselves, swap their used-bullshit for the Child now the Child is fucked for life trying to work out their life because they're having experiences that they don't even know where it comes from Meantime it's their 'Parent's' shit because the 'Parents' couldn't live... effectively But I mean, all Children is affected by that. Every time you use violence without knowing what the fuck you're doing, everytime you speak and you don't - you're not directing your 'Energy' You are actually taking shit out of your Children so that you can 'feel better'. That's what happened to everyone. That's why everybody ends-up- let's put it, 'most people end up' in a point where they totally dislike their 'Parents'. They Hate them. Because they Remember that Abuse. But they cannot Word it because it doesn't exist in your education system, it doesn't exist in how anything is explained, how it works - so you don't know why you Hate your 'Parents' You just regard them as - you just don't wanna be like them! But what invariably happens to you when you have Children? You do Exactly the same thing.

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Posted by: marlen on May 1, 2009

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