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Il Referendum.

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June 2nd 1946: Results of the referendum Wednesday, June 5th after hours of uncertainty the first results of the referendum begin to appear in special editions. Italy is a Republic. Ministry of the Interior, 18h30, correspondents of newspapers from around the world are gathered around the table from which the Minister Romita is making the semi-official announcement on radio. The ballots of 34,112 out of 35,320 polling stations have come in the Republic is 2 million votes ahead. The Wolf Hall at Montecitorio Palace it's where for the first time, the Italian parliament met in Rome. It is 18h00 on the 10th June. 22 years ago on this day, the fascists had killed Matteotti 6 years ago Mussolini declared war. Today, the President of the Supreme Court, Giuseppe Pagano, reads, in the presence of the government and its highest officials the results of the referendum. Short, austere ceremony, In front of the President 2 auditors tallied the figures on calculators, one those of the Monarchy, the other those of the Republic. Italy is a Republic. Rome, Piazza del Popolo, large rally called by the democratic parties to celebrate the first Republic Day. A vast multitude of people gathered to hear Romita’s speech. The Republic, said the Minister, is now a historical reality, It has still lacks its not been legally registered but this will take place shortly. Soon afterwards, an ever larger crowd starts in marching, towards the Interior Ministry. Members of the government come out onto the balcony of the Ministry of the Interior. Milan, Piazza del Duomo: After having paraded through the streets, people flock into the immense square, which, however, seems unable to contain the swarming crowd. Mayor Greppi speaks, as well as the Communist leader Longo, the Christian Democrat Achille Grandi and the Socialist Valcareni. Florence, Piazza della Signoria: from the tower of Palazzo Vecchio, that saw the glory-days of the Republican city-state, at the dawn of the Renaissance, trumpets blaze. This city recorded one of the highest percentages of pro-Republic votes in the referendum. Now, the Florentines, listen to the words of their mayor, Gaetano Pieraccini. The Republic, he says, should pave the way for perfect reconciliation among men in a spirit of full mutual tolerance, peace and love for all the people of the world. After the dramatic days of June 10 to 13, Humbert of Savoy leaves Italy. It's around 15h30 when he comes down into the courtyard of the Quirinale. The Presidential Guards (Corazzieri), salute him for the last time, with the honour due to a sovereign. Humbert shakes hands with Commander-in-Chief Colonel La Guardia and other officers. Once the greetings are over, the former King, with a convoy of three cars, leaves the edifice that since 1870 had been Italy’s royal palace. With the Mistral blowing that afternoon, the tricolour-flag flies for the last time with the royal coat of arms. Ciampino Airport: a four-engine Savoia-Marchetti 95 awaits the last King of Italy to transport him to Portugal, where his wife and children await him. The former King is pale and emotional a farewell to those whom he leaves behind, among them, the Minister of the Royal House, Marshal Messi. On his journey into exile Humbert II will be accompanied by Count Graziani, by General Cassiani and Duke Galarati Scotti, the Italian Ambassador in Madrid Meanwhile, on the tower of the Quirinal, the flag with the cross of Savoy is taken down, the only one, perhaps, that was still fluttering on a public building

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Il Referendum.

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