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The true meaning of Philosophies. Sadhguru

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what are philiosophies? philosophies are fantastic explanations for those things which cannot be explained it's like this once there was a rich man and he had a young beautiful daughter everything was just great with her, she was young, she was beautiful, she was wonderful. only thing is everyday in the morning when she wakes up she's sick that is she feels vomitty or she pukes she throws up in the morning so the rich man went in search of a wise man he was known as the wisest man around because never once did he ever say I do not know to any question that you ask always he had an answer so people thought he was a wise man so rich man went to the wise men and told him, "see I have a young beautiful daughter everything is just fine with her, she's just wonderful but she just has one problem" just like you isn't it everything is fine with you. just one problem if you solve that one prolem, next problem will always be ready. isn't it so? everything is just right with you just one problem. this one problem goes, i'll be great but the moment you solve it, the next one is always waiting in the queue "what is the problem?", the wise man asked. then the rich man said like this my daughter is everyday sick in the morning then the wise men contemplated and said asked did you give milk? to this young beautiful daughter of yours? yes, the best milk there's a particular cow which is supposed to give the world's best milk and that's what we give her. no aavin eh? what do you call it? no aavin milk the best cow best milk, only that the wise man said that's the problem he said, "what do you mean? we are giving her the best milk how is it the problem?" then the wise man explained see in the night before she goes to bed she drinks this milk before that obviously she's eaten curd and other things the milk goes and it all becomes curd because the girl is young she rolls around in the bed so this curd gets churned and becomes butter the butter, because of body heat melts and becomes ghee the ghee in turn becomes sugar sugar becomes alcohol and no wonder she has a hang over in the morning fantastic explanation absolutely stupid that's what philosophies are don't settle for philosophies anybody can cook up a philosophy yes and everybody has a philosophy, isn't it? is there anybody who doesn't have a philosophy everybody has their own philosophies about everything. isn't it? because without a philosophy you cannot sustain your nonsense now you meet a drunkard on the street you stop him and ask him, why are you drinking like this? he has a solid philosophy as to why he drinks. yes or no? you stop a theif and ask him why are you like this he's got one long philosophy as to why he is a theif you ask anybody they have a philosophy because the very nature of your intelligence is such if you do something stupid today tonight your intelligence will bother you why did i do this? this is the nature of your intelligence but if you have a philosophy I do this because.... now you don't have to look back and see. with great confidence you can do idiotic things especially if you get god stamp on your philosophy you don't have to turn back and look at all you can go on with absolute confidence doing most idiotic things on the planet and you will see unfortunately people who claim to be close to god are the people who have been doing the most idiotic and horrible things on the planet always not just today. is it so? is it so or not? there are all kinds of idiots on the planet but the religious ans spiritual idiots take the cake simply because they got god stamp they don't have to use their intelligence, they don't have to turn back and look at their life what am I doing with myself you can go on with absolute confidence

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 18, 2010 Sadhguru discusses the dynamics of philosophies and who has them. (SaO51-P2)

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