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Life of a Student in America - Youth Voices on China

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Hello everyone, my name is Mai Anh Srisuk I am a junior at Northeastern University in Boston At Northeastern, we have a lot of international students From Africa to Asia the students came from many different countries I believe that everyone have their own story Nomatter who they are Why they came here Today, I would like to introduce My friend, Chen Yi Yin My name is Chen YiYin I am 22 years old I am from GuangZhou My first question is why she came to America What were her expectations of America? What are her hopes and dreams coming to America? She said Because there are different ways of education Also I want to find a job that relates to my major A job that relates to branding and marketing industry I then asked her about some challenges she faced The first challenge was the language because her English was not good at first The two culture is not the same with different ways of thinking And one is more individualistic, one is more collectivism At last, I asked her to Reflect back when she was 18 And to give some advices and knowledges For students who want to study in America her point of view I believe that the important thing is To find a suitable major Be nice to people around you and cherish them Enjoy your life Find a hobby that you enjoy and makes you happy Find good friends and supports each other After completing the interview with her I learned alot about her experiences in China and America She made me reflect about my challenges in America And although we might face with alot of challenges We are very lucky to be here Therefore, it is important for us As International Students, to work hard And to obtain the best result

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Posted by: annasrisuk on Apr 12, 2018

Life of a Student in America summarizes an international student's hopes and dreams, her expectation coming to America, challenges that she faced, and notes that she would like to share for the younger generation.
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