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Transformer la peur, l'angoisse, la colère, la haine - 5'

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Climbing up to a higher level, really being in touch with your spirit or your essence, is the easy path. As soon as you are in touch with that, you are free from conflict, even if others still are controversial. it is the abrupt and easy path. It is the best thing you can do. Nobody can do it. So there is another way. the other way to go about it, is the whole path, and more specifically the "meditation on luminous rays" or at least the training I gave around that meditation, I also described what needs to be done when you feel in you a movement of rejection, exclusion, hatred in fact, because it is what it means; hatred, I told you what inner space had to be cured, what attitudes you had to adopt very strongly, very intensively, to be able to overpower that movement, which exists in everyone. Nothing else needs to be done. But you have to do it intensively. Intensively often means making a decision you never question anymore. What is typical of those who progress -let us say - fairly easily, and who really progress is that they make decisions and they stick to them. When it has to do with great things. They may tumble into all kinds of small details, it is not very important. Although. It depends on your type. Aaron was talking of the enneagram types. It depends on your type. Some types need to be careful even of small details, whereas other types take tough lines, essential lines, and they abide by them always, they never question them again. And that really is the standard by which we know who is really progressing and who is wandering here and there: it is really a line which has been set and is never jeopardized. Otherwise, you are more or less, and often more, one of those whom we call wanderers. And it is the worst situation. Being controversial, conflicting, meaning being hot-tempered, irritable, hateful even sometimes, or at least rejectful, is deeply ingrained in everyone. It is not something that can be overcome easily inside, but outside, you can really work hard in those areas. it can be a very tough line, a line of practise which can be almost permanent and which is very important. All the more important for those who tend to be hot-tempered, excluding or easily irritable. For them, it probably is one of the lessons of their life, if they really tackle the problem and work on it for years to overcome it. And some day, you are successful and suddenly you swing up to another level, and your vision of the world becomes so much more beautiful, so much more pleasant and peaceful. Since it also is, for people who tend to be ill-tempered, when there is that tendency to manifest anger outworldly, (outer anger, not inner anger, which is something else) But outer anger, for those who have that tendency, they also have, at the same time, a very strong anxiety inside, a very strong fear inside, and if they work on their anger, on not manifesting their anger outside, and understanding their anger inside, and overcoming it inside also, all kinds of anger, of conflict, dissolves fear one day. When they succeed in overcoming the manifestation of irritation, irritability, anger, annoyance for nothing, when they manage to overcome that, sudenly anxiety, and all forms of fear, dissolve. For people of that type, it is the royal path, undoubtedly, because it is very difficult to tackle fear or anxiety head on. And one day, it disappears. You look for that fear, that anxiety you had, which often manifested itself in the form of tensions, for some people it was like a knod in the pit of their stomach, or stomach ache. Others felt it in their heart, or in their breathing, or in their throat, or other muscle tensions, they wake up one morning and they are limp, peacefully limp and loose, relaxed, and they feel that an energy is available for action. Whereas, before, those people are often strained towards action things always have to move along, succeed, be on the move... and one day, they get up in the morning: they feel relaxed, and not tense before action, but as soon as they need to act, all their vital energy is available.

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Selim Aïssel - 5mn - 79

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