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Imagine That (2009)

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Come on honey, let's get going. Daddy's sort of in a hurry. Can we make pancakes? Oh, honey, I don't know if I have the right stuff for that. I think this milk is spoiled. That's impossible., I checked this milk myself. [milk] glug glug glug (narrator) For Evan Danielson, life was all work.... You said you'd do dressup. Daddy has a lot of work to do. (narrator) ...and no play. Remember we talked about the day was going to come, you couldn't take the blanket to school with you anymore? That day is going to be today. [high pitched scream] (narrator) But he's about to get some help... Where are my notes for my 11:00? I think they are in there. Oh my god. (narrator)...from the last person he ever imagined. Did you draw on all my work papers? Pictures of people kissing or something? The princess says those companies are going to get married. How did you know about this impending marriage? I... just... Where are you getting this information? Okay, let me get this right. The princesses tell you things about companies? Um-hum. Well you know what, I got a couple of other companies I want to ask them about. There they are. You'll have to sing a song she likes. ♪ Please let me pass ♪ Higher! You want daddy to have an anhuerism? ♪ Please let me pass ♪ She really hates that. Yea, I'm with her on that. The entire community is talking about you. I want you to find out where he's getting his information. He just hangs out with his daughter. We have to dance. We have to dance too? They dance, and they laugh... Hey Evan! Hey, what's going on? They're playing with a blanket. I'll take $50 my brother. I have a coffee card. I don't drink coffee. Do you like scones? Scones? What do I look like, the Queen of England? Get this fool! (woman) Do you honestly that that blanket has something to do with everything that's been going on? You have two jobs, and one of those jobs is being a father. And she needs to know that you care as much about that job, as you do the other. (narrator) Imagine, that the magic you've been looking for... right before your eyes. (Olivia) What do you want to do now? What do you want to do? [music: "Everlasting Love"] C'mon! Okay, I'm getting it! (Evan) Who wants pancakes? Do we have any condiments? (Olivia) Ketchup. Mustard. Hot Sauce. (Evan) Dear Lord, (Olivia repeats) Dear Lord, (Evan) Please protect my daddy's throat. He never done nothin' to nobody lord. (Olivia repeats) He's never done nothing to nobody Lord. Can I please see the bill? $400,000! You must be out yo' mind, woman! You trying to get me for my paper! [Olivia happily screaming ] [Captions by]

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