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V1 - 2019 Tup Social

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- Okay, so now, Laura. So hey, girlfriend. - Hi. - So sorry Johnni. I didn't mean for that to drop - Hi, everyone. - -- my fault. - You got it? - I got it, girlfriend. I got it. So... - All right, one second. - So she's going to log on. Yup, I was going to say, she probably needs the other mike. Are you going to be okay with the handheld? - I think so. Yeah? Okay. Now, Laura, hopefully you saw her at Leadership Conference and... she's always on Facebook Training Tuesday with me. She's always on the other side, though but once in a while, I get her to come over to my side and I go, "Hey, y'all," so... Okay so, we're going to talk about TupSocial. - Yes, TupSocial. I'm really excited to show you guys -- - You need to hold that closer. - -- the actual platform today. You guys got a little sneak peek into what it might look like but now we actually have the platform built, so you can actually see what it will look like. You all go ahead and get your logins this week, so you can go ahead and play as well and we're actually going to edit this tutorial out for you and we'll e-mail it to you. So you can take notes if you want but you will receive this video after, so... you can reference it back and follow it along when you have your logins as well. So this is similar to what it'll look like. We're making some design changes before we get your logins but when you come here, you'll have login instructions. I have my own. So you're going to just login. This is what the main platform will look like when you come in at the main menu. You're going to want to come to this settings first and actually set your language. Mine is set to English but you can come here and change it to Spanish or French. And when you actually change it, it will change the whole platform to Spanish or French -- - Yay! - -- which is very exciting. [Bell ringing] I'm going to actually change it back to English because that's all I speak. So that's that. That's the first step you're going to want to do. The next step is going to be connecting all of your... pages and groups. So I've actually already connected a couple. First, you'll connect your personal profile because you'll need to access the pages and groups through that. It's not actually going to pull in any of your personal information. Facebook blocks that from happening with any third-party app, so it's really just to gain access to the pages and groups that you're administering or members of so... Connecting a page is super easy. I can show you how to do that. We'll connect this one. That's two clicks. The groups are a little bit more challenging so I'm going to walk you through that. So you're going to come up here to connect a group. We'll connect 'Force 2B.' You actually have to go to the Facebook page to authorize the app. So if you hit okay, it's going to take you directly to that group and you're just going to come to where it says 'apps.' You're going to click 'Add apps,' It will takes a second. And then you're just going to search for TupSocial. It's an authorized app with Facebook. It's Facebook-approved, so it'll pop up. - There it is. - And you just hit 'Add' and 'Done,' then you need to come back and kind of go through the steps again and connect Force 2B again and it'll pop up. So now I've connected my Force 2B Group. So it's easy. It's just an extra step. It's not as simple as connecting a page. So if you have any questions, we'll be here to answer but like I said, you can reference this video again for that. And then you can connect your Twitter and your Pinterest as well. So once you've done all of that, I'm going to walk you through the different ways that you can actually post to these groups and pages. So if you come to the Content Planner up here, this is where you're going to find all of the content that we're providing for you. So you're going to see all of the Tupperware content under the TupSocial section and then, if you come down here, you're going to see all the lifestyle content. So this is going to be non-branded content, where you can come in and kind of mix up the amount of Tupperware content that you're putting out there to make sure you're giving them a nice... - A variety, right? - Yeah, a nice variety, a nice mix of contents so they're not just seeing Tupperware content. So you can come in here, play around, find things that speak to you. Don't just pick random things. There's a good variety in here but really, post what's true to you and post what's true to your personal brand. If you don't drink coffee, I wouldn't post the coffee memes or articles. If you're really into animals, that could be fun for you. If you love recipes and food and drink, that's a great option but just keep that in mind, don't just post random things. Always be mindful and purposeful with what you're putting out there. So I'm going to show you a little bit about the Tupperware content. One of the coolest features, I think is the Facebook covers that are going to show up here. Sometimes, it takes a second to load while we're on this. This is actually a one-click feature, so you can actually change your cover photos from within this platform. So I'm going to actually show you how this works. So let's say, I want the MicroPro Grill. So I'm going to pick what page I want. I actually have a personal test page that I use. So it's a page I'm going to post this to. You hit 'Set as cover photo.' It says processing and success. I'm going to actually come over to my test page. Currently, I have the CrystalWave, just refresh it for you. And there's my MicroPro Grill. - How easy was that? Wow! [Bell ringing] - So you can come here. We'll be updating all these cover photos for you. Provided for you here, it's one click process. It's super easy. It's just a nice way to keep your pages and groups refreshed with a different look. If you want to do it every week, every month, however you want to do that. - Wow. - So I'm actually going to come back. One thing that I should point out too is that you have the access to the three languages of content here. So if I click Spanish, the Spanish content is going to populate and if I click French, so is the French. We're so working to make sure that that's all set but that's important for you to know that you have access to all three languages of the content, if you need it. My content that you're going to see right here is actually where you can save personal content too. So this is kind of accustomed to you. I don't have anything saved. That's why there's nothing in there but just know that that's what that's for. And then this content is all divided out for customers, for Salesforce, for party, for opportunity, Tupperware Lifestyle. When you get your logins, just come in here and play around, take a look and see what's available for you. I'll actually show you how to post. So when you come into the categories, sometimes there will be subcategories, so you can see the subcategories where it says 'For customers' or 'Brochures,' so you'll see brochure memes specifically. We'll be continuously adding new content and building out the subcategories so... realistically, every time you're in here, you might see something new, which is awesome. So we've got all of this consumer content right now. So for example, let's say I want to post the Vent 'N Serve. So I just hit 'Post' and you come here. All of your groups and pages will be up here. You just want to select which ones you want to post to. So I'm going to select my test page and then there is a 'Copy Tip' here. So if you need like just some inspiration on what you want to write for your caption, this one says, "What do you serve in your containers?" So what do I put in Vent 'N Serve? What's your favorite thing you use your Vent 'N Serve for? - All of my plan overs. - Okay. Here, hold this. - Okay. - Okay. Then you have this option to add your website link. So this will actually have your personal... sales website -- - Shut up! - So I don't have one, so I can't show you but you will just click it... - You can put it in mine: www... [Cross-talk] - So yeah, you can actually, just one click, add your website link so it's already there. Write whatever caption you want. You have the option to post now or schedule post. Also, I'll show you schedule posts in a second but I'm going to just go ahead and post this now. So it's showing that it's loading and it says, "Your post has been successful," so I'll go back to my test page, just hit refresh... And there's my post. - There it is. Wow! - So, it's super easy. Super easy. - I know you guys are loving this. [Bell ringing] - All right, so moving on, we're going to come back to the content planner. One thing that I'll point out is this recommended post section. Right now, this is only for English view. It's a customization that we need for Spanish and French, so that's in the works. So this part just won't be there for French and Spanish but for English, you can come in here and we actually have recommended posts for you, for that specific day. So if you don't- if you're in a rush and you have literally two minutes till Plan Your Week social content, you can come here and do it in, probably less than two minutes. So you can just write something. I'm just writing very generic. "Love these." And you pick your time, 4:30 PM and let's change this to 5:30. And so, I'm on Wednesday so this is today, so 5:30 PM today and I select my page and I hit 'Schedule now.' - So at five o'clock, that will -- - And it's scheduled and now, it's moved me on to Thursday. So now it's working me through the days, so I'm scheduling my whole week in a matter of two minutes. - Oh, gosh. - So say, you don't like this or you don't want to post on Thursday, you can jump to Friday and see Friday's recommended post... - So if I don't schedule a post for Thursday, will my Wednesday post stay there until my other schedule post --? - Your Wednesday post will go and be sent at 5:30 on Wednesday and then nothing will be sent on Thursday if you don't schedule anything. - Right, so it will just stay. - Uhm-mm, and so then I can go to Friday. Say at Friday, I don't want to post either. Let's see what Saturday is. - Oh, I like that. - Saturday, I like this post, so you know... "I love this too." I hope you can be a little more creative than I can with one hand. And then, so this is Saturday. Let's say at 10 AM -- - Sure. - Schedule now. And it should once it load schedule. So -- - So I could be off on a cruise ship where there is no internet, right? Do all of this before I go, right? - Yup and your whole week. - And my whole week so then on my... whatever I schedule, whatever page, so I'm a Business Leader, I want to send something out to my company, right? Of Energized, right? I can schedule a post every single day, right? And a little post when at that appropriate time. - Yup. - I can schedule a post to my personal page, right? - Not your pers- Your business page or your groups. - Okay, my business page or my group. So my Energized Group -- that's my company group, right? So sales regionals could do it to their regional page, correct? So then if I have like a customer VIP or host VIP -- - You can schedule that. - Okay. - So one thing to point out is just make sure that you do have the correct pages and groups selected right here. Just be mindful of that. So we're actually going to move on and I'm going to show you the post creator. So this is where you can actually upload your own content. So say, you took a selfie video and you want to share it to a group, you can actually load it up here on your phone and share it out this way. Or if you made an image somewhere else and you want to share it out, you can do it this way as well. So I'm actually going to show you how you can schedule the post. So I'll just take the soup mugs. It's an old image but... "Yum..." so that's my page and then I'm actually going to schedule this, let's say for Saturday. I don't want 8 PM. Let's do 8 AM and I hit 'Schedule now.' And you notice, it actually showed my whole month, so I could schedule a whole month out. So you could go ahead and do that. It could get- You might not be able to think that far ahead sometimes, so I would stick with the week or two weeks but sometimes, if you know something that you want to post and you know it right now, you can go ahead and actually schedule a whole month out. - So if you were doing like, maybe a big host appreciation or something, right? You could schedule that out. So that morning, when you're busy, crazy, doing other stuff, you know that that's going to post at 7 AM in my Energized Group. "Hey, y'all, reminder. Tonight is the night," right? - Right and you know when thing is open and when thing is closing so you know you can go ahead and schedule on those Fridays and Saturdays and you can go ahead and sit down -- if you want to schedule the whole month of the closing and the endings, like that's- or openings, you can definitely do that. So right here, it says 'Save to my content,' so that's where number one, I said my content right over here. - Yes. If you hit save, it would show up in the 'My Content' section so it actually saves. Since that's an original post that I'm making, I could save it if I wanted to reuse it in the future. So it's just something to keep in mind. So now, once you've gone through your schedule -- your day, your week, your month, you can come up to the content calendar up here and this is where it's going to show all of the posts you've scheduled -- - Oh, so I can look at it in one place. - Yup. So it's showing me like I've posted these today, I've got one more scheduled for 5:30, I've got another scheduled for 8 AM and 10 AM on Saturday. And let's just say I'm scheduling and I'm like, "Oops, I didn't realize I scheduled two on Saturday morning." Let's just click this and drag it to Monday. - Shut up. Oh, my stars and garters. How awesome is that? Oh, my gosh. - Yes. - Seriously? - Yup. So if you made a mistake, you didn't realize, you can come here or say something's changing or something came up and you're like, "Oh, I should post something else on Saturday morning because something came up," you can just click -- - Can I delete too? - -- and drag. - Okay, what if I want to get rid of it? - So you can just click it and you can hit 'Cancel post,' you could edit posts. - Okay, so I click on the actual post, the image and then that's going to come up and I can just cancel it right then in there and then it -- - Yup, or so, you wanted to change your caption, you can edit it. - Wow. - But yeah, if you just need to move it, you don't have to go -- - I drop it and drag in if I all -- - Yeah, you don't have to re-schedule anything. You can just, literally drag it to wherever you want it to post. - Man. Yeah, how far out can you --? - So this is just showing February. I can go all the way March, April. I don't recommend that but you can go a whole month worth out. - So can I post- So this is February the 13th, can I post something for Springfest, which is April 13th, I think, that's Saturday? Can I schedule that far out? - We can try. We can try. You want to try real quick? - Yeah, let's try. - Okay, let's see. We'll post... We've got the presets here. - So if I wanted to upload my own image of Spring Fest, right? Or maybe, Tupperware gave me one, the logo, right? So... Then I could pull that up... - So like I've got April 13th, we'll try 10AM. And let's hit 'Schedule now.' And we'll hit okay and then, let's go to... April, oh, that's here. - There it is. Oh, my gosh. [Bell ringing] Oh, my gosh, y'all. Oh, my stars and garters. That is awesome. - You can schedule that far out. - That- So... - [Background] Reminds me if we can schedule in a year because I guess... - Oh. - A whole year? - We can try. - Let's try the Leadership Conference. - We'll try. - I am not sure... Let's just pick a date. So Leadership Conference -- - You guys are having me test things... - [Background] We have some plan this year. - Yeah. - So, February? I don't know. I don't have my phone but... let's just say February 2nd, 2020, just for a date. - Okay. Let's go all the way... - Got to keep going. Okay. - We're going to February 1st -- - Just for the sake of having a date. - I don't click my page. - Oh, so if you don't click your page where you want to post to, it will tell you. - Yeah. So if you don't select a page, it won't schedule to anything -Okay. -- a little red warning popped up at the top. - [Background] Is there a limit on the [inaudible]. - Nope. There is no limit. Oops, something went wrong, so I'm going to guess, no you can't schedule out to 2020 just yet. - You can't do 2020 guys, so you got to stay within 2019 so... - But yes, so we could be scheduling stuff for Spring Fest in April right now. - Right, so if you're going to be out, then you know you're going to be on a family vacation and you want to do something to your host group or your VIP group or to your company, then you could schedule that now, right? Knowing that you're going to be out. So not having to be on it, so you're supposed to be spending time with your family, right? - Yes. - -- with your significant other. - Yeah, so you can create your own post, you can use the Tupperware provided content or you can use the non-branded lifestyle content as well and provide a nice mix on all your pages or groups, depending on what you're using them for. - But I could also upload something like if I wanted to -- - Yourself, yes. - Right. If I wanted to post a picture of King George, "Look where I'm heading to, y'all," I could put a picture up of King George, right? - Yes and remember this isn't on an app, per se but it is mobile-friendly. So this will look exactly like an app when you're logged in on your phone. So you can take a selfie, a video or like you said, you can take a photo of King George and upload it right on your phone into here and schedule it for whenever you need or post right away. - Seriously, guys -- - And make changes on the go. So if you're on the go and you're like, "Oh, no. I have a post scheduled for an hour and I don't want it to go out," pull out your phone, no matter where you are as long as you've got some data or Wi-Fi and you can move that post around. - I know they're loving this. I know y'all are excited that you stayed on with us for two and a half hours, so because they're thinking, "Shoot doggie, this is the best." - Yes. It's awesome. All right, so we're going to move on to the Prospect Center which is up here. So I haven't received any comments or messages on my test page because no one sees it, because it's unpublished but... this is where all of your messages and comments would come in from your pages. So you could come to one place and respond to everyone. It will actually create contacts for everyone. I don't have any. So if you come here, it'll actually create a contact, like a contact profile of every person. So you can actually click on an individual and see everything that they've messaged or commented to you on one place. So you don't have to go back and be like, "Oh, I remember this person messaged me or commented a long time ago but I don't remember what they said." You can come here, it'll actually tell you all of the person's comments and engagements with you. So you can even see trends. So say someone has commented on every single FridgeSmart post you've ever posted out there but you haven't sold them a FridgeSmart yet. Well, reach out to them and message them in the Prospect Center and you can say, "We're running a great deal --" - "Hey, Laura. We got FridgeSmart on sale. Girlfriend, I see you like them. Yeah, oh my gosh. - Yeah, so... - So I could send the message right from there, click on and I can send it right from there. - You can even add phone numbers, emails, if you have them. So you would actually kind of creates a database of these people for you, which is awesome. - Wow, that's amazing. Seriously. - Yes and so then, we're going to come up to how am I doing. So this is actually where you're going to see your analytics. It's going to be like a snapshot. Right now, it's very limited because I just connect to my pages, so it's still loading. But this will be a snapshot of all of your pages, groups, Twitter, Pinterest. It'll show you how you're doing and how your contents doing, so you can see if your page is growing, how many likes it's growing by, how much user engagement you have. It'll show you a snapshot of your Twitter, social activity, audience clicks, so it gives you just a good general synopsis of how you're performing on social. So this is something that's really important, just to keep an eye on, so you can make changes. Make sure you're growing, your pages and your groups and it helps you keep track of that performance. - Awesome. - And then we're going to come to the Training Center. So this will actually take you out to another page, which will be a portal with all of the training. So we're building this out. This is what this is going to look like. It's a nice little landing page where you can see some beginner guides and some more in-depth training on -- - Oh, like there's practices and the different platforms. It's kind of like... more in-depth, like what you do at DSS. - Yes. - Like what you did at the Leadership Conference, right? - Yup, so this will be evolving over time as well. We're going to continue adding to this and if you feel like there's something missing, you can reach out to us and we will build that training for you. So if there's some confusion on something or say, Facebook did something new on there -- I don't want to use technical terms but basically, if they made a change and it's messing with something that you're trying to do, we can do some training on that, to help you for the future to make sure you're not running into any issues. - Like Facebook Jail. - Yes, so say, there's a big issue with Facebook Jail all of the sudden. They made some changes on why they're putting people in Facebook Jail, we can actually build some training, we'll throw it in here, so it's one-stop-shop. It will be provided in all three languages. You can see Spanish and French is up here, so you can make your language selection. - Yay, that's awesome. - [Background] Why not Instagram? - Why not Instagram? So they're actually working on... getting that Instagram API, which is basically just access to the Instagram platform. It's built a little different than the other platforms are, so it just is a different process but it is in the works. So one thing that I can point out is that, say you are in the content planner and there's a post that you really like and you would love it for your Instagram, if you're on your phone so say, the CrystalWave, you can actually download it and it'll just be a direct download to your phone and you can use it on your Instagram. So just because you can't necessarily post through the platform, you can still utilize the content and everything, for the most part, will be squared up for you, so it'll be perfect for Instagram. So just keep that in mind. You can download anything on your phone and use it on your Instagram. - Wow. Are you all excited? Seriously, are they like loving this, Nora? Absolutely. - When? Yes. This week, we're building your logins as we speak, so you're going to actually receive an email with your login instructions and you'll be able to go around, play in the platform. It's, honestly, a very simple platform. It might look a little intimidating at first but it really takes like five minutes and you really can figure out how to work around it and move through it. We really want you to get in there and explore. All the content that we're building for you, I'm putting in there. You'll probably see some things of all being over time as well because this isn't going to just be created and then left alone. We are really working to constantly be putting in fresh content for you, fresh training for you, so we're really excited about that. So we're actually going to be editing this tutorial. Like I said, we'll send that to you with your login, so that you have that. When you're logging in, you can reference it back. - So this week, sometime like they'll get an email, you're not sure. So it's Wednesday, so can I -- - So by Friday. - Okay. I was going to say, can I see it by the end of day on Friday? - Yup. - Okay, end of the day on Friday. - Yes. So if you don't receive an email from us, it means you've opted out of email, so please send an email to [email protected], so we can make sure we get you set up, so write that down: TupSocial -- T-U-P... - Just one 'P,' guys. - Yup, one 'P' [email protected] and we'll get you set up with your login. Let's see. Am I forgetting anything else? Oh, and we'll be editing this video for Spanish and French, so... Any Spanish and French speakers out there, we'll have this transcribed for them so that they can also have a nice tutorial video to use and that's about it. - [Background] You may want to go over how it shows up on the My.Tup platform. - Oh, yeah. So because this is a pilot program, you'll be logging in a little bit different than when we roll out to all the Salesforce, because we have to restrict it and keep it private for just you guys to use. - Okay. So you'll receive login instructions for how to login through the platform just for the pilot program but once we roll out to all Salesforce, there'll actually be a single sign-on, so you'll see TupSocial in your navigation in My.Tup. No one will have to go to a separate platform. It will be available in My.Tup and you won't have to login again or anything. You've already logged into My.Tup and that's logging yourself into the platform too, so that's all one-stop-shop, so you actually won't have to login or use those login instructions once the pilot program is over. It's just because we're trying to keep it as exclusive as possible for just you guys and the other pilot users, that's how you're going to login for now but that all be detailed in the email you'll receive with the login instructions. Just keep in mind in the future, you will only have to go to My.Tup. - And I'll be right there. - Yup. [Background] Can you talk about who's going to be on the pilot? - So just to reiterate, it'll be all Business Leaders, just the Org Leaders that attended Leadership Conference and then Photophy users. So we're going to let Photophy users in as well so they can experience the platform before we make that switch because Photophy will be ending at the end of the March -- - It's going away. - And TupSocial will be taking its place at April 1st, so those gold and platinum account subscribers will be using TupSocial beginning April 1st. - [Background] And the cost will not change? - Yup. The cost will not be changing at all. - It's all the same. - It's all the same. This is- You're actually getting more, I think. - You're getting a whole lot more. - Whole lot more? - Yeah. - For the same price. - It's a good reason to go to gold and platinum. It really is a good reason. So once the pilot program is over with Business Leaders but they don't have a gold or platinum account -- - You definitely want one. - Yeah. - Because your pilot program will be ending. - Will be ending guys, okay? So this is another reason to move up to gold or platinum. - Absolutely, yes. - Because as of April 1st, this will only be available to those gold and platinum subscribers. - [Background] Did you talk about the Facebook group? - So I mentioned at Leadership Conference, if you remember but you probably don't, that there will be a Facebook group that will be private for anyone that has the gold or platinum and it will be exclusive to just the pilot users during the pilot program. This Facebook group will actually be run by the vendor... partner who created this platform for us. They're definitely the experts in the platform, so if you have any questions, you can reach out there. They'll be going live with trainings, say something new, they did a new update in the platform, there's a new feature for you to start using. They'll create a training video and they'll post in that Facebook group, so you have first knowledge of how to use that new feature. So it's really important to be in that group if you want special access to any training or help and live chat support from myself and from the vendor itself. - This will start with the Facebook group with the pilot -- - Yeah, so you'll receive information on how to access that private group as well. - Perfect. Yay! Well, you know what, guys? I think Laura did an amazing job. [Bell ringing] Yay! Good job, so now we've got Doug coming on, so -- - Hey, everyone and Laura you just got to stay here because now we've got you wedged in. Thank you so much for all of the amazing information. I know that our Business Leaders are out there are so excited. I've been watching your chat and I know you're as excited as we all are, to launch all of these new initiatives and Cheryl, you know our motto is always to end in the now because we're taking you to the future, we've shown you amazing new tools to help us but it's all about hearts across North America right now. And so, I want to remind you, just before we're done here today, to be out there sharing, which I know you all are, that we want to have all of our team members with their names on that monument, out in our honor gardens, so that they can come to jubilee and have their selfie taken and find their name and of course, our managers and above and our directors and above, having their names as well because it is about welcoming as many new team members as we possibly can. We're going to open up the doors, we're going to explode with new team members, and then be able to show them more of all of these amazing new tools. And I know that you are as excited as we all are over the Manager Growth Program, so we're going to be continuing with your sales team to be creating the buzz out there. So again, hearts across North America, creating the buzz of our manager program and of course, driving the Hemingway trip because we want to see all of you in Hemingway, along with all of your new leaders as well. So of course, we have to end in the now, Cheryl. - Absolutely. Today, not tomorrow. - Not tomorrow. - That's right, guys. So, thank you, Doug. Thank you, Laura. Thank you, guys for being with us and staying on. We love you, we appreciate you, and have an amazing, an amazing close and Nora just said, we'll post all of this in your Business Leader folder, on the website. Okay, guys? So, love you, bye! - We love you guys, bye! [Bell ringing] [Upbeat music]

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V1 - 2019 Tup Social

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