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Why do we insist on not giving the kids what they want for christmas? Ten families An experiment Let's write a letter to the three wise you know what you want? Yes This year I had been a good boy A toy A guitar A Wii This, this, this and this A unicorn that flies side by side We leave them here to send then to the wise men And now you are going to write another for your parents IKEA PRESENTS: THE OTHER LETTER What would you ask your parents for this christmas? what? Umm... Something else? No Your daughters had written a letter to the wise men and this for you Dear parents... I want you to spend more time with me, to do more experiments together at the house I would like that you put more attention to us I would like that... have dinner with us more often I want you to tickle me and read us a book I want to spend a day together I can't I want to play cowboys with you mom He wants to play football soccer with me more often Are you surprised that they ask this for christmas? No, this doesn't surprised us not me they have a lot of toys the feeling of trying to replace us with a toy Spending and enjoying more time with them Always thinking on giving them the best and the best is you If he writes it is because he needs it But there is something they didn't write If you could send only one letter which one would it be? Oh! That's a difficult question Umm... My mom's The one for my parents My mom and dad's Christmas unfurnishes our mind Nothing like home to furnish it again Write your letter at

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