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Emil Part 2 - Impact speech from ZDAY 2010

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Impact speech from Emil Parker - Part 2 So, just as I thought I got everything under control in my nice house on my drugs I saw it! Zeitgeist O-M-F-G Zeitgeist! Phew... I don't know if anybody else felt that? Could that be? Could that be real? No... No way! This guy must really need some drugs. This guy who put this together must really need some anti-depressants. [inaudible] Then I saw it again: Addendum! Then The Venus Project... ...And then Zeitgeist Movement. And I literally remember a physical sensation in my head. It was like two halves of a puzzle just fit together. And I wept. Everything came into focus. I mean everything. Things that I didn't even know were out of focus came into focus. And I wept. In one instant I realized that I was not alone. That all these paranoid thoughts and feelings were actually real. That I did not need pills. And that I am sane. I'm a perfectly sane person living in a completely insane system. Yeah! [applause] And what was bugging me was the injustice. And what was not fair. I had more juice in my cup now. I had a bigger piece of cake. And that just isn't right. Now I ask you: What are our answers going to be for the next generation of people who ask these questions? What are we going to say to them? I got three kids. My six-year-old son rocked me last week. He actually said to me... We were sitting on the, uh... We were sitting on the couch. Just out nowhere the guy says to me: "Dad?" "Yeah, son?" "I think money's bad!" Uh... Ok... Now, I've never shared any of my thoughts and feelings about the monetary system with my son. I've never showed him the Zeitgeist movie or anything like that. Although I would totally condone like a Barney-version of that. In fact, actually, you know what... Coming to think about it, I'm pretty sure Barney is the Zeitgeist Movement. When you take a look at that, you look at the little kids on there, they all love each other, they all hug each other They all share everything with one another. Nobody cares about whose dad does what. Nobody cares if they're Asian, Black, Muslim or Christian, or anything like that. They would program them about "This is life, this is great, this is what we should do, this is how you should feel." And then we send them out into this! Oh! How about that for a kick? Anyway... "I think money is bad." - "Why is that?" I mean what's the parent really supposed to say to that statement? I searched for an answer. I replayed a lot of things my parents told me, what school told me, what society told me, what elders told me and I was just really seeking something. I was in shock. And amazed by the simplicity of this observation. And I said to him: "Son, you're right." Uh... "We can't eat it." And we had a laugh about how disgusting a money-sandwich would taste. [laughter] "Ned, we trade our time for money and that's why we go to work. Then we trade the money for the things that we need and what we want." And then he says to me: "Dad... I think everything should be free for everybody." And that was one of the moments I probably said the right thing. I said: "Yeah, me too, buddy. And I think some day it's going to be just like you say." I mean, what more can I say to that? The six-year-old was right. The six-year-old was right about society. The six-year-old was right about humanity. And the six-year-old had a better concept and understanding of what this world should be like than what most of us do or what we have have forgotten. [sigh] What's more interesting is that despite the fact that we live in this system - this insane system - we still try to cultivate these ideals, these dreams in our children. We're creating - we're at an age - where we are creating the very first mass-generation of free-thinking human beings. The Internet has provided us with the free exchange of information and never before in history the masses had an unlimited access to new thoughts, ideas and such a scope of understanding. It's said that within the last 10 years more information has been passed than within the last 10 000 years combined, and that is growing exponentially. And it's been said that knowledge is power. And in my personal life I have now gained the power to eliminate my anxiety without any pills... although, right now, I guess I should have one. Eat healthier, make more informed choices, take better care of myself - the desire to take better care of myself. I have the power to shape my children's future. And that's a future filled with opportunity and peace and love. The Zeitgeist Movement has enhanced my life in a few ways - in many ways - very very deep ways. First, in friendship. And in peace. And in peace knowing that I'm not alone in these thoughts. Most of all The Zeitgeist Movement has given me something that has eluded me for most of my life. And that emotion has set me free. And that emotion is hope. Hope for the future of humanity. Hope for my children's future. Hope for your children's future. Hope for Mother Earth and her environment. And hope for justice. And the ideas of this movement are nothing new. We've been reading about them through the ages. Within philosophy and religion. We've read the stories of tragedy and triumph. And humanity is writing a book right now. And like any authors, we get the opportunity to choose how this story is going to play out. I, for one, now, see ourselves entering a fantastic chapter in human history: An age of enlightment, a new Renaissance. And - like I said - information, thoughts and ideas are flowing more rapidly and freely than any other time in human history. And this movement is growing exponentially. And it is now unstoppable. Can't take it away now. There's too many. These Zeitgeist movies are the most watched documentaries in all of history - documentaries, not including funny cat videos. And the reason is simple. It is not chained down by politics. It is not chained down by race... religion. It is a peaceful, intellectual, social revolution born of our collective human spirit. And I, for one, am very glad to be living in this time. And that's what I had to say. [applause] Canadians Alternative Proactive Press Impact speech from Emil Parker An organizer from the Zeitgeist Movement For more info: Become the movement:

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CAPP London live on the scene at ZDAY, March 13, 2010. Impact speech from Emil Parker, an organizer from the Zeitgeist Movement. For more info on the Zeitgeist movement please go to:

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