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-All right. And el camera is on. Wow, technology. Have you ever actually stopped to think about how amazing it is? Like the fact that I can take this little button and this big green screen and go to any place I want. Hawaii. [tropical music plays] The North Pole. [Deck the Halls plays] Inside Britney Spears' head. [screaming sounds] Okay, let's just stay here. My point is technology is pretty fucking amazing. And without it, we wouldn't be able to have orgies. Viewer orgies, that is. Drop that beat! -Grab all your condoms Take off all your clothes Shave your private parts Orgy Time's about to start Spread your legs Open wide Get some lube and shake your thighs Here comes Shane Dawson The guy who knows how to Blow your mind [explosion] -Hey, what's up, you guys? Yes, this is Viewer Orgy Party! That special time once a month where I ask you guys crazy-ass questions and you give me crazy fucked-up answers. It's kind of like confessional at church. I'm just so scared. What should I do? Oh, come on, girl. You know what to do. [unzips pants] Father, what are you doing? Father? Girl, I'm the janitor. Then what are you doing in the confessional? Girl, this is the motherfucking broom closet. Oh. No, come on. It ain't gonna suck itself. Yeah, I've always been kind of afraid of church. But not as afraid as I am of the answers I got on this first question, which was on my Facebook and I asked you guys, "Hey, what's one celebrity you would never want to be president?" The most popular answers would be Justin Bieber and Snooki. Can you imagine what the world would be like if those two were president? [rooster crows] -Yo, Snooks, I just got a tweet that says America's under attack. -Oh no, Biebs. What should we do? -You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? -Yep. -(both) Battle! [dance music playing] [explosion] -Yeah, we'd be better off with President Paris Hilton. -Yeah, you heard me. I want you to take the Statue of Liberty down. Well, I don't care that she's a historical landmark. She's fat... and dykey-looking. And every time you look at a picture of New York, it looks like somebody smeared a fat green booger on it. Ugh, fine. Then just paint it pink and give it a boob job. [sighs] Damn it, Tinkerbell. You pooped again. Now I have to clean it up. Oh, my God, it's so diarrhea-y. -I'm moving to Canada. On Twitter, I asked you guys if Taylor Swift was a porn star, what would her porn name be? We got Taylor Spits and Taylor Stiff. I don't know which one I'd pick. They're both beautiful in different ways. Kind of like the Olsen Twins. [woman screams] Never mind. But like always, you crazy assholes go above and beyond. You even gave me some possible porn movie titles for Taylor Spits. Like, You Belong in Me and Valentine's Dick. Yeah, I'm not too sure I'd buy that last one though. Hey Taylor, can you tell me a little bit more about Valentine's Dick? -You're never gonna have the same kind of Valentine's D--- twice. There are a million different ways to experience Valentine's D--- and uh, there are a lot of ways that you see Valentine's D--- celebrated in this movie. -Sold! [cha-ching] All right, on DailyBooth, I asked you guys to show me your scared face. [Thriller by Michael Jackson playing] Wow. You guys definitely scared the crap out of me. But you know what the scariest of them all was? [shrieking] Oh, my God! Tyra-sauras rex! Run! [shrieking] [pants] Is she gone? [shrieking] Ah! [tone] Last time, I told you guys that the iJustine game was gonna be a new segment on Viewer Orgy Party. And I never lie. Here's my personal favorite submission to the iJustine game this week. -He's climbin' in your windows He's snatchin' your people Trying to rape him So y'all need to hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife And hide hide yo' husbands 'cause they rapin' ever'body out here You don't have to come and confess We're lookin' for you We gonna find you, we gonna find you So you can run and tell that Run and tell that, run and tell that Homeboy, home-home-homeboy -Yep, this is officially the best game ever. All right, now it's time to see some hot sexy bitches wearing my Hot Topic shirts. Ugh, damn. Ugh. If iJustine wasn't watching, I would rape all of you. Mmm. All right you guys, now it's time for the Challenge of the Week. Did any words come out? I wanted words to come out of my mouth. Challenge of the Week! Nothing? Fuck. [gasps] Oh. I want you guys to make up the best caption you can for this picture. Yes, I can see her fucked-up brain wheels turning already. "Oh, my God, it's so diarrhea-y." Leave your caption in the comments and one of you guys will get, bam, Shane Dawson Hot Topic shirt, except this one has a pubic hair on it and fake blood. Okay, I'll get a new one. All right, you guys. Have a good week. I'll see you next Saturday. Ooh, by the way, new video on Take180 where I play Renesmee, the daughter of Edward and Bella. And, you know, not to brag or anything, but I look fuckin' hot. And by fuckin' hot, I mean, oof! But check it out, judge for yourself. Ooh, and one more thing, I am performing live in Florida. Check it out, tickets are in the down crotch bar. It's only 30 bucks; you get to come meet me, hang out, see me perform, see Shanaynay. And I'm gonna stage dive.... totally naked. So bring a lint brush to wipe all my hair off. All right, I'll see you guys later. Bye! Clean off your lipstick And wash your thighs The orgy's over It's time to subscribe That's right It's time to subscribe Captioned by SpongeSebastian [explosion]

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Dec 12, 2010

Viewer Orgy Party with Shane Dawson (ShaneDawsonTV).

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