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My name is John Shahi and i am 25 years old i live in Kathmandu but i am origanally from Humla. when i was 5 years old my dad brought me to kathmandu. somehow things did't worked, we late on school admission and we had no other option then going back to home.. after that we meet Tibetan guy he said he will help me to get into better school so my dad had no idea what to do, all this things just happend so sudden. should i that was mistakly or excellently he decideded to take me so he took me to the Tibetan Bon Buddhist head monastery in India, which is Tibet's oldest and first religion. than i decided to become a monk as a five years old boy, long story short after twelve years of being monk it was really hard! everyday prayers, mantras, other teaching. and there lots of other different kind of crazy things i that had learn and do i have study lots about religion a lot. if i tell you the truth, seriously i getiing beat up so much by that time i was 18 years old till that time i am totally broken from inside. they beat me so much and many other things where happening with me then i decided to scape from the monastery when i was 18 actually i learn many things, there was some awesome people aswell. some things where really bad too i saw some really crazy things too people getting healed also dead raise by the head monk. then i was saw they can tell you what is going on in your mind what going in life i mean they tell your thoughts so that made me to believe even more and more 12 of doing all this things i think i had a always one question on my mind! why there is DEATH! why we all are going to die one-day leaving this beautiful life why there is no justice the world there is only pain and suffering i was worried & scared from life that's why i wanted to scape from the monastery, so i run away after that for 1 year i want to different place of india i was trying to do some bad things i guess i was really mashup from inside and sad after that actually i have never hear Jesus before in that 12 years lots of thing has change my family they where already became a christean weeny dad hear from the monastery about me escaping they started praying for me in the church for 4 months long story short when i get back to the nepal for the first time i meet the people that where praying for me and meet christean people for the first time, for the first time i seeing people are praying, playing guitar it was so weird for me they did not have a any Pacific dresses for the church service. even women can go the church that was even more shocking for me after i read their bible it was just so awesome i think i was serching and hungry i asking why there is death, where is actually God! why all things around us are so evil, bible was helping me understand this i found the reason to believe in the bible so, i believed long story short so decided to believe in jesus after that i left every thing, even my study i just wanted be with God and serve him so i completly surrender my life to Jesus i want to walk into truth in the monastery we have wake early morning everyday sometimes 13, sometime 9 hours minimum around 4 hours a day we used to pray even the very small childrean monk also have to pay and memorise the mantra scripts most of the time we did't knew what the meaning of what we are praying and we have no idea what we are praying about too we had a choose if want to go the school or just join a monk we had a small play ground if we wanna play but we are not allowed go out, that was just our world shave had, whear red monk dress, pray, study and stay in the monastery that was our everyday job haven't seen how world looks like, accept that samall our own world after 12 years when i came to Kathmandu so, i was been into monastery for whole life haven't seen anything else or i didn't knew anything at all even even how transportation works no tecnology knowledge, nothing no idea about the drugs my life was just all about be a monk and pray my only hope and achievement was to earn karma that's all i can think when i get to kathmandu that's just unreal to think i never can imagine one day might be able to change my religion and i will find a hope i will be happy i can get marrird too, that was just out of my mind. i thought my whole life job is to earn karma most schocking things was when i got back my whole family was already Christian for the first time my dad invited me into the church i saw people worshiping women with make up in the church, playing guitar, laughing i thought that was very wierd and wrong way worship God more than that when i saw some foreigner serving selflessly to others that was first thing attracted me towards Jesus slowing i was understanding world is so big there is of good things too because of first time when i saw out side of monastery and got back to Kathmandu i saw people neened work every day they need to look after family people has visions and goals this is so different how i see life different here when i get back here in kathmandu it was different and cool! why christean at the end, why i never want back to hinduism, Buddhism why i choose Jesus at the end? because yes i cam followers of Jesus right now yes i was born as Hindu and i have seen very dark and scary things from my eyes in very little age i saw demon came to my house many times, i saw black magic, evil witch doctors when i became a monk, looks like all this things started disappired but sometime later i stareted fell no peace in my heart there is no lots question but i never found the answers why there is death? why there is no hope? why there is unjustic? why all people are sinning does there is lots of creators? as all the different religions claims their God created earth or their is only one? i was so confused did God created me or i created God! it was scary when i came back here no one ever told me about Jesus, no body ask me believe in him i decided to follow him i believe that he found me he choose me he gave me grace that what i think why i follow Jesus now is i know who is true creator, why there is sin and death in the world yes he is the only savor he is the true creator he is going to judge at the end. now i really understand this and amazing thing is i know what is actully holy what is unholy! that's now i only believe in Jesus. he is my hope his words are really truth bible says In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He existed in the beginning with God. God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him. The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. we can see how god created everything in the bible. even i pray now God will answer i can see lots of good things i mean all even the we where sinner he saved us because of his love & grace 100% i understand his death on the cross was to me save me that's why i believe in Jesus! the is story of my family is 12 years staying in monastery i always felt like an orphan i cried a lot i got beaten a lot i left home when i was 5 i got back to home when i am 18 i don't remimber anything about when was 4 or 5 i cried many time my family never came in that 12 years my dad only came to see me twice for few days so i don't remember them so i felt like a orphan so, heart was getting bitter towards them when ever people ask me about my parents i used to say they are dead. it was little diffucult for plan about going to my home after i got back so i ride a airplan than i walked for five days i realize my home is in very difficult place after getting home my dad introduce to my sister and mom i couldn't accept them coz, i have not seen them before after seeing family and the place there i felt nothing different in heart it took very long time, becouse i was resised like orphan some people knew that i came from the monastery they where really intrested to talk to me they want to invite me in the house because i have seen Dalai lama, i have study Buddhism that's they liked me later when i became a Christian people didn't like me but i know Jesus loves me when i was 5 was kind of excellently send into monastery 12 years later amazing i got back to me home i was young unknown i don't know how i got back to Nepal when i got here first time i had no idea about my home my dad yes i remimber the name my village and my dad i ask the first few people i meet when i got first time to nepal they knew my dad when i scape the monastery one year ago my heard about me and he started praying for me regularly from last four months after we meet for the first time he was so happy so i decided to meet my family coming from buddisth and hindu back ground now i am christen it's been over five years what i understanding right now is what is the purpose of life if i can explain you in easiest way whatever we do it doesn't matter at the end unless we are showing love to other unless we are building up others if your don't want to do that! life is useless important part of life is love God and love your neighbour this is the pourpose of life about the Humla i have travel 47 districs of Nepal people life style, places and the history Humla, Dolpa Rukum Mugu this Districts justo different than the rest Humla just shocked me! pepole's life amount of the they are everyday people's income health undeveloted roads and electricity this things was shocking to me when i was going home for the first time there was not really any places to sleep and eat in the treak i had to sleep in something like-cowshed had to walk around 5 whole days i ride two airplane and 5 days of walk then i finally got home it was hard to see Nepal's second biggest discrict situation in my village there was not any people that have seen ,vehicle, electricity yes i remimber when i was little baby if you wanna go to study in city or abroad you can see beautiful lights at night you can see buses too i give hope to leave my family when i was the baby after 12 years retunning home was heart breaking this thing just stuck on my mind i wanted to do something but many time i look to my self little guy, no education nothing really , i was hopeless recently i want back, i did research i talk to people i feel i like i can do something now why Humla is import for the country is 18% of the population of Humla originates from the Royal family By Nepali culture from the 60 thousand population they call them Thakuri ( Royal blood of Nepal ) if we look from the culture and country they are really respected and loved they are important for the history as well so, we need to save them blood line should be cared that what i think they are unique they are brave strong if we look the their stories are amazing in different time kings where moving into different places why they likes forrest and mountains we have all the different kind of cast in humla but Royal is very respected and loved which very nice if we look in city people thinks royal blood means very wealthy actually it does not ensure economic wealth. it means they are the royal blood if we wanna protect our culture i think they really important and they needed to be well protect why Humla is special is from my prospective very fresh water amazing places full of known and unknown herbs and vegetations they have caterpillar fungus, spikenard different kind of expensive mushrooms diffrent kind of friuts apples are every where lots of other amazing Mountains, rice paddy karnali river is really important this river helps with other 5 district farming still Humla is naturally clean and beautifaul incredible about this people is still we can see very old tradition and culture old style they are still use rock rice mill they are rock to make a fire language accent, how to treat each others this things are really amazing they are super hardworking incredible about the humla people is still people do welcome people in there house they respect each other a lot they have care their culture well dressing and food is is really instresting they still use very old things in Morden world still some people use rock to make a fire which is really interesting how to do faming is very cool they have so many animals and they loves them a lot i like that a lot another thing they are living in one of the hardest place in earth still no lights not any proper health post in the village most of children are uneducated amount of works that people do in a day is mindblowing they never really has day off in their life how husband and wife mantain a relationship in this places is amazing they are living hard life but still they love children's and family so well with all their heart how they maintain this is if we look took biggest city into the world very small mistake can end the whole relationship humla people haven't seen the world yet they are caring and generous they ready to face anything because they don't have really options like others specially husband wife relationship is really praise able even they are in their last stage age of life their love is fresh i like this things a lot hard part of the humla is in 2013 when i got my place home people has never seen the light, still accept the head quater and very few other houses are not dark at night our headquater lately starting to develp even the walking path are risky there people have not seen transportation and technology yet still it's people don't have fine cell phone connection if anybody get serious sick it's almost impossible to get help we have very basic and limited equipment in headquater health care that sarves whole district three high school is serving whole district it takes 6 to 7 days to get the healthcare for some villagers many of pregnent women will die due to lack of hospital my dad 12 children only four left now all the other children die in very young ago because of heath related problem lack of healthcare of causing lots of death and most of people are very uneducated 56% people can't read many student even can't make to high school ratio is shocking road delopment is just started recently they finished 5-6 km rods in headquarter others are trying, also few jeeps was drop in headquarter too that's all we have another hard breaking part is from genaration to genaration they are they have not been able to see bigger dreams every-time i hear people saying how can we dream better when our wealths is cows, houses, and everyday field works that's all we have they say only reach can dream for better life we are not this is really sad part to hear for me people who don't have vision and dreams will die from inside out that kind of life diffucult to life we have to bring hope in them hope not only about taking care of the field whole years working hard on fields and it will produce food for less then half year that much hard work can even make a ok living we have bring other better ideas and hope how i love photography and filmmaking is when i was in monastery i used to thank paintings and arts from very young age i can pretty go arts i was intrested all kind of arts like tibetans thanks painting sketch etc. i don't no why i like arts a lot other kids used learn from me they say i was inspiring them to do and see art in different way some of my friends abeam a good artist now in young age i stared doing abstract art, tattoos and others kind of arts i have not seen any thing like anywhere according isolation and no technology that i was doing all my arts from my imagination i stop doing arts while ago when i was back to nepal i didn't knew i ever do arts thing again i was thinking doing something els it's long but i can do some arts later on when every i was doing trekking or traveling trips i was taking photo and videos for fun some people thought that was doing pretty good on that and started doing more that made me to think how i am seeing the and capture the emotions i started realizing this gift is comes the heart, it will reflect how i see the world so, i believe this is telent doesn't comes from the only camera, knowledge or good hand. this things starts from the heart whatever i was seeing i was trying imagining about that in different ways to add more beauty in different ways to different angles i was seeing photography and filmiking is like arts that i used to do. if i see something i used to imagine how i bring good out of this so, i was same thing from the camera that's was i getting little better right now i really intrested to filmmaking and photography beacuse it sometime it can capture moment that we are never able to say or express in words that means many people have not notice that we we brought out through camera from this things we can offer lots to others films and photos can help to reach many people little films can change whole things one of my big goal in life is love God and love people for sure try to be better person everyday my dream is i love film making and photograpgy i want serve people through that i wanna go different places and share beauty and story one with another i will besicall exchange or connect beauty and culture with each other throgh film that what i wanna do even people's life story my another big goal is to be a good photography too right now i am focusing on improve myself as individual and be a better citizen of my country and love people arounds i want world to know from this documentary this is small district humla this is in Nepal which unique, and very beautiful in different ways when every i see this places it captures my heart one of my desire is to see this nepali royal family who is living in isolation humla is second biggest district of Nepal in the other city of nepal around 90% people doesn't know this place is exit i really think whole nepal should recosnize our own people which is the part of our country this places is important for the history and culture and religion for the country royal family is also very loved and respected part of Nepali history and culture so, need bring this things back to the country they have unique life style, full of known and unknown herbs and vegetations we have to connect them with a whole country another great thing that makes me happy is this place is really isolated people don't know how much good things we can bring in from this beautiful place which is also big part of our history if we can connect this place to the whole country that will bring real joy to the whole nation, because we connecting the families, culture and the history i think that good news for other nations they can understand how we are dealing everyday with crazy life style where is no lights, no roads, no really medical fecilities, no education opportunities every day life is hard they have very little hope still we can very very small development in whole district i dream is if i can even make very little difference on that through media, film and photography may be i can make change in which they are having very little hope from genaration to genaration they thinks they are left out by the rest of the country people feels lonesness abendnt and hopeless they will be able connect with whole country and able to the share love that what i wanna see once people know about humla they will love be a part them there is few who need to recognize aswell in the country like , mugs, dolma darchula this are places who are hidden into the Himalayas all of them are our people our culture we need to hug them all this beautiful people and culture should be included into our country specially royal family should included to cared this is my thoughts in my prospective Nepal's famous mountains, lakes, beauty, cultures religion is not the most important things for but peoples are the most important them all that's why all of them deservers love humla's people they already had lots of suffering they are hurt from country yes, they are already suffering poverty when they are left out from whole nation that bring more greater suffering for them that's why we need bring bring hope in them they your love and care my hope is no one has abended you, no one has left you, your not alone awesome royal family your not forgotten we will bring hope we will bring unity we all will unite

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