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I've been sewing for 2 years. It's been 2 years since I started sewing. I started sewing with my hands. I cannot say which one I prefer because I am not strong with the sewing machine yet. Once I get better I can tell you which one I prefer. Yes..Yes.. Soon Very soon I will begin sewing on the machine. The thing that was most difficult when I started sewing was learning to trace the pattern. That's what was most difficult. I like the dress best. Presently I can say I've made 3 clothes. I would like to begin sewing mens clothes... for children too. Yes, Papa Esaie always encourages me and also the madam (teacher). They are the ones who have encouraged me to sew. When I was younger I knew there were people with nice clothes. I said... I thought, "If I knew how to sew those things. I could make some of those things by myself" What's the question again? To speak well... It's good if you need something sewn to come and ask Wideline to make something for you And I would know how to make something for you. First you draw the pattern onto the cloth then bring it to the table for cutting The tracing I feel very happy because I just made clothes. I put them on I want to open my own shop I can keep my clothes inside and sew and sell there Yes. I would like to make women and mens clothes A little's little No, not for's just....I measured it for Ketty Two of them A grey one A stripped one I believe its a dream that I have Yes, God has given me this gift. I asked God for the gift of sewing. and he gave me this talent. No What makes me excited is when I start with a pattern and when I'm done I can see something that I've created.

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Posted by: bfudge on Sep 20, 2017

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