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[ENG SUB] BTS Jimin's log 160107

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Ah but seriously I just keep getting prettier January 7th 2016 Jimin's log Busan- We are at Busan After one year- exactly after one year we got a break and came to Busan Everyone came here and daebak (awesome) daebak (awesome) But now there's a park here Over there, they made a new park I think they made it very well We came here because we heard that the sunset is very pretty taa daa~ It's really pretty! It's really pretty I have to run! Being able to come to Busan after so long I like it! It's very healing! Although I've never felt that anything was too difficult...I'm sure there were hard times There weren't any times when I thought it was too hard... but after coming to Busan like this I really like it- I got to see my dongsaeng and maybe it's because I was born here, but I really love this place I like seeing it I also got to see my friends and my mom and dad Ah! I also learned how to drive My dad taught me how to drive So- we've been here for 4 days, and we're going back to Seoul tonight It's definitely good that we're going back to Seoul, but- Now there will be concerts to do, a schedule, and it's all good- but I think it's going to be a little sad Well- I still got to play, eat, meet my friends, and everything else so I think it was good 2016! A new sun is up! Uwaa it's really pretty come here it is now time, you can come in now ah if I do it like this, I don't show up come here Ah now that the sun is up, I can't be seen 2016! Since a new sun is up I will make a wish A wish for 2016 To tell you the truth, this is my second time- my phone died, so we're using my dongsaeng's phone Ok now, my wish...2016... First, I want the members to do well, stay healthy, have them do everything they want to do, become super famous people and earn lots of money So that they can buy me lots of gifts, lots of stuff me- buy me a house, a car, food, buy me everything~ and.. well, I want our fans- our Armys to stay healthy, always stay smiling, be happy and I hope our Armys will also earn a lot of money, and that everything goes well for them I hope we can find the relaxed side of us Lately- none of us seem to be like that so... how nice would it be to live relaxed and smiling So, yes- my moto is that- "Smile" really, "Smile" I think it's cool Smile~ I- Park Jimin- Park Jimin! Do everything well- do everything! I'm really the type that needs to do everything that I want to do- I have to! You should too! Now- do everything you want, fulfill it, make it big, eat everything you want and I hope to always stay smiling I hope I won't be sad when smiling I want to sincerely be smiling. I hope there will only be times when we're really smiling and my family, stay healthy Do you want to make a wish too you don't want to? He doesn't want to come out Do a "V" for them My dongsaeng! I hope my dongsaeng will REALLY- you know what I'm talking about, right? Do well please Please! I wish for it 2016- well whenever it's a new year it's always that I hope everything goes well, stay healthy, and do everything I want- Yeah! There isn't really a "new" wish Just that- I hope I get to do everything I want to do, "Doing everything I want to do" now that's my wish. Everything working out the way I want That's my wish! I want everything to be ok! And right now, I think everything is good Before I started filming, I'm sure I had a lot I wanted to say But now I can't remember anything, haa It was probably nothing- I just have to film well Keep looking Ah It's so cold here that both my noes and mouth are frozen My noes is so runny right now Ah It's cold Hey! Say hi from there! Try jumping, jump! Jump! So cute Anyway, let's look at the sun one last time Wow It's really so pretty Isn't it a notable light January 7th 2016, Jimin's log finished! The end!

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[ENG SUB] BTS Jimin's log 160107

160107 지민

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