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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~04:45:38 - 05:00:39

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[Sweeping.] [Humming a song while sweeping.] "I'm going back to the Father, I've sinned and I know that..." -Where's the bucket? -It's behind the bathroom. Auntie, auntie... It's burning! It's burning, right? -Memory! -Yeah? It's really windy. [Washing a bucket.] She never gets tired. She's crazy. -Hey Edith! -Yes. The trash over there needs to be burned. She never gets tired. Where? I can't really hear. She says over there and not where you dumped yours. She never gets tired. She never gets tired. Hey, I've tried. I've burned it. That one like that? She never gets tired. She never gets tired. Is the cassava cooked? She never gets tired. -Hey... -Hey Lindi, you're failing to... She never gets tired. "I'll tell Anachisale. Miss Mailosi. Yeah, I'll tell her. Miss Chisale, I'll ask her..." "Miss Mayo, I'll ask her, Miss Mailosi..." "Miss Skubili, I'll ask her. Miss Chisale, I'll ask her..." Hey, you know what? Madam Chisale gave us some popcorn. -In class? -Yes! But it wasn't popped... She put it in a plastic bag, where she'd had sugar before. She served those who sat down and gave the rest to those on desks. So there wasn't enough for me, Babula, Wauwuku, Sala, Doreen, Misonzi... -What should I burn? -Right there by the papaya tree. ...and Gloria. Eight people. The eight of us agreed. We've eaten anyway. We went to Madam and she gave us some. A lot of it. Enough to fill both hands. "I'll ask her." ...bring one when you're done. -I thought Memory said I should take it there? -What, the lantern? -Yes. -Yeah! Turn off the ones in the house. -I thought they put these ones in the kitchen? Memory, let's go. "Hey, hey, I'm going to ask Miss Mailosi, hey, hey..." "I'll ask Miss Chisale, Miss Mailosi, hey, hey..." -Let's go... -I'm going up there. -She says we need to take bricks there. [A rooster crows.] That's it then.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
Views: 177
Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 24, 2008

Edith sweeps the compound by moonlight. She sings and hums to pass the time. The girls tend to their morning chores - sweeping and burning trash, fetching buckets, lighting fires, and carrying bricks here and there. Memory tells Edith a story about how Miss Chisale gave her class popcorn. It is windy. The rooster crows.

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