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Welcome to the Rav's weekly message. This week, the Rav reveals how we can take control over the physical world and prevent natural disasters. Moses was told by God: "Separate, remove yourself from this camp of 250 individuals. Separate by maybe a foot, two or three and a miracle is going to take place". What happened? The earth opened up, mind you an earthquake the earth opened up and swallowed these 250 people of the camp of Korach. What a miracle! You imagine? An earthquake taking place right at a very significant point and yet, despite the proximity of Moses and his camp, no. Not one individual was swallowed up in this calamity, it was just Korach and his group. So, from here emerges many of the teachings that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in the Zohar. saw when he gleaned this kind of information from Torah. And that was: number one, earthquakes are controllable. In fact, earthquakes according to the Zohar indicates the coming of the passage or the passing over of one dynasty, one administration to another. Somewhere. That's a piece of information. So, what we are gathering here is several types of concepts Number one: that no matter how you read your insurance policies and where it is listed "acts of God": Flooding, earthquakes, lightning. My friend, I have to again repeat what I said in so many other occasions: That there is only one character in God and that the Lightforce of energy that emerges from God, has only one character and one character alone. And that is a desire to share, a desire to share his magnificence, to bestow us with all of the good that we constantly seek in our lives. And that, the character of destruction, pain and suffering is not within the framework of God. And so therefore, even though your insurance policies read "Acts of God such as..." I don't subscribe to it. It emerges, again, from negative activity, negative behaviour of the people in that area and, consequently, this does not and should not be construed as an Act of God But be it as it may, what can we do about it? With the consciousness and an awareness of knowing what the reading of this week is, is that Acts of God. That are turned Acts of God... Flooding, lightning, tornadoes, every single one of them can be over we have the disciplines, we have the teachings the methodology by which we can remove chaos, even to the extent of that kind of chaos, that kind of catastrophe that kind of calamity that has even be labelled "Acts of God". DISCUSSION POINTS: Think of 3 forces of destruction that face humanity today. Meditate to erase this negativity during the Torah reading and while scanning the Zohar. What spiritual and physical actions can you take to reveal Light in your local community? To learn more about how we can positively influence our environment, read "Kabbalah on Green", by Yehuda Berg.

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