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Introduction to Official CASHFLOW Clubs

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Hi, I'm Robert Kiyosaki and this is Kim Kiyosaki. Welcome to the CASHFLOW Clubs. Personally I think it's a great investment of Your time. It's best to invest in Your mind before You invest Your money into stock market or any market. Because ultimately is Your financial IQ that makes money. I want to talk about how we developed this game. Back in 1994 Kim and I retired. We had enough money coming in. We were out of the Rat Race. We had nothing else to do. I was 47, she was 37. - We had a lot of people coming to us and say: How did You retired? How did You do it? We were going around teaching people how we did it and we sayd - there must be a better way. - In 1994 we started to develop this game. One for financial education. One to share what my Rich Dad teached me. But more importantly we saw this financial crisis coming where we are right now. And the way to out of this financial mess is not to hope that someone will save You. The best way out of this mess is to change yourself, save yourself. But change yourself and don't expect economy to change. - We created the game because it was also a way where people could actually teach another people and it's done in a fun environment. The CASHFLOW Clubs, which we would like You to come and participate in, it's a place where like minded people come together to learn, to mentor each other, to learn together, to grow together and it's a create environment. If that's what You want, the I would recommend to come into these clubs and really learn expand Your financial IQ. - We have CASHFLOW 101 and this is CASHFLOW 202. When we first developed the board game they were one game, combined 101 and 202. It was really too difficult, so we had to break it up to 101 and 202. One of the benefits coming to the club and going through the 10 steps is that You have to learn 101 and 202. Not only that, You go online and challenge other people throughout the world. That is the real world. That's why we recommend introduction to the CASHFLOW clubs, but also check it out, 10 times. I hear so many people who say: I played Your game once. Well You don't learn the game of golf by playing it once. You know - practice, practice, practice. It's people teaching people, sharing information. That's why we designed this game. - Another reason to play the game over and over is, because Your financial situation changes from week to week, month to month as ours does. When You are playing the game You are going to see new things every time, plus the people You are playing with. Watching their behavior, what they are doing and how they are playing the game also will have impact on Your learning. So again, it's a great place to learn. What a lot of people don't know is that the CASHFLOW game was the first product that we created for the Rich Dad Company. This is were we started because we thought this was information that people really needed and wanted. Our mission from day one is very simply to have people play that CASHFLOW game because we see lives transformed. - It's people teaching people. We don't sell investments. I know a lot of people use the CASHFLOW game as a lead generator to sell You their real estate deal, stock deal, mutual fond deal. That's not what we do. Our primary motive is financial education so that You can make sounder financial investments by knowing what's good advice and what's bad advice. Because it's not one shoot fits all. Sometimes what's good advice for me may be bad for You. Please remember Rich Dad Company is purely financial education. That's what we are here to do. - We want just encourage You to come and attend a CASHFLOW Club, play the game, be around like minded people. - At least 10 times. - At least 10 times and be around people who want to improve their financial lives. That's all we are about.

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Robert and Kim Kiyosaki introducing Official CASHFLOW Clubs

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