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Infinity Downline Comp Plan for the Deaf

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We have created The Most Powerful, Turn-Key, Fool-Proof System In the world today! If you are serious about achieving tool financial freedom then you are finally at the right place, at the right time. The system is really quite simple but don't outwit for you. It's very powerful! Using our direct member to member tracking software the system will tell you who to send to and how much, and where and any specific methods of receipt the member accepts It's Brilliant! And they all works behind the scenes without effort from you. The plan is call the REVERSE TWO UP SYSTEM. Let's see how it works. Let's say you signed up Ellen, John, Patty and Peggy.... The Reverse Two Up is designed to send the money to you, INSTANTLY First... So by sign Ellen up... you got even with $25 after you paid! to your sponsor. How cool is that! Then, Patty, your THIRD person also pays to you. Then, you can sign up as many people as you like. Everyone from the fifth person to INFINITY! They will pay you and stay DIRECT to you. Each of which will send $25 to you directly, INSTANTLY!. Plus, they also sign up theirs too, then they also sign up theirs... and so on, to infinity, to INFINITY! Now, huge work is really exciting. It's call "Vertical Acceleration". So the second and fourth person in this case, John and Peggy are coded by the system to roll up to your Sponsor. as your qualified referrals! After that, YOU ARE NOW QUALIFIED FOR LIFE! Now before you get concerned about your second and fourth person you signed up were given away Don't worry. this is exactly why Vertical Acceleration is so POWERFUL. Which is Duplication in Action! Allow me to explain. Every person you KEEP in this case Ellen and Patty (1st, 3rd, 5th and beyond) now, have to do the same thing you just did for your sponsor. In order to be fully qualified they, too, must refer their second and fourth person up to YOU! For example: Let's say Ellen siged Mike and Steve up... and Patty signed Mary and Paul up... that means that the total of four new people are now designated by the software to send to YOU... and roll up to your direct line. They are now considered to be personally signed up... by YOU! But it doesn't stop there. Now Mike, Steve, Mary and Paul are now, direct to you. In order for them to be fully qualified they also have to sign up their second and fourth which will go to you... This roll up and qualification process happens forever, It is you Financial Freedom Ticket!. So very you have it! SIMPLE, POWERFUL Join with our DEAF team and see for yourself! We are growing FAST! Thank you!

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Posted by: erikdiamond on Feb 7, 2010

Explain how Reverse 2 Up System works with Infinity System.

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