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What is a Yantra? Sadhguru

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Yantra is a form. Certain forms have certain impacts on people. Now there is one Dhyanalinga Yantra here did you see that one? So different types of Yantras are there. The most basic Yantra is a triangle. A simple triangle. An equilateral triangle is the most fundamental Yantra. All Yantras are constructed out of very complex arrangement of triangles. Because the basic, building material in your body also is a triangle. Do you know even the molecular arrangement is in triangles? Yes, are you aware of this? It is so. Your Chakras are actually triangles. The word 'Chakra' literally means a wheel or a circle. But it is actually a triangle. They call it a 'Chakra' because it symbolizes movement. It symbolizes moving from one dimension to another. But it is the 'Nadis' that always come and meet in the form of a triangle. So why this triangle, orange triangle is because the 'Ajna chakra', what is between your eye brows its basic colour is orange. So it symbolizes enlightenment. Because the Isha Foundation stands towards one's enlightenment That's why the orange triangle. This is a Yantra. In the ashram, even the buildings are built in the form of Yantras. This is somewhere, some literature is there, no? Nothing like that? The building itself is in the form of a triangle. It's made in a certain way It has a completely different space You must experience this. Every form has different kinds of impact on human consciousness. These forms have been very carefully crafted. If you make certain arrangements of forms it can just become a whole conducive atmosphere for one's growth. It's not everything you know, It will not liberate you but it will create a proper situation for you. And without any of those things you can still seek enlightenment. That is also there.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 Sadhguru explains what a yantra is and discusses the various types of yantras found in nature and elsewhere. (SaO97)

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