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IVECA Intercultural Virtual Exchange Program

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IVECA is a... ...program on the computer... ...with other countries... ...communicate with another class, in another country... ...on the other side of the world; ...but more better you can just learn from them too. Welcome to IVECA International Virtual Schooling. Our current society is extremely globalized and culturally interconnected. Future generations need to be capable of understanding... ...and reconciling cultural differences. So it's important that we build healthy relationships... ...with everyone around the world. To address this challenge, ...we need to redefine what the role of education should be. Students are required to develop the ability to communicate with others... ...who are linguistically and culturally different from themselves. 21st-century education must provide opportunities for students to learn... to effectively interact in international and multicultural working environments. We have to keep introducing the children... the wider world, because we are so interdependent... ...with all the other countries. Students are required to develop the ability to communicate with others... ...who are linguistically and culturally different from themselves. Our program offers intercultural education... ...and makes it affordable and easily assessable to every school. Intercultural education, to develop such intercultural competence, ...has been suggested as a way to fulfill that important role in education. IVECA to me is 21st-century learning... ...that provides an opportunity to students... communicate with classrooms around the world. The IVECA program is an opportunity for teachers... ... to take their children beyond their classroom. And it gives the children and the teachers an oppotunity... be able to meet with other children and other teachers in a different country. People who possess intercultural competence... ...will be able to place significant roles in promoting peace, ...harmony, security and human rights in this globalized world. Through a centrally managed framework, ...and the use of existent technologies, ...we enable direct interaction between students, ...and connect classrooms from around the world. The program fully integrates into existent curricula, ...and covers many different subjects. One of the things that is so appealing about it is that we are not adding anything on... what our teachers already teach our children. All you have to do is provide your curriculum, ...the lessons are laid out for you, ...and then you are able to address your curriculum in a unique way. The curriculum that is chosen is really all about making the world... ...a better place for everyone, ...and the kids really launch on to that. The main benefit for students participating in IVECA... to increase their intercultural competence. In the sense that the children that we teach here today ...are as likely to do business with people across the world... they are to do business with people down the street. So it's important that we build healthy relationships... ...with everyone around the world. And they need to understand and learn... to do, how to work in an intercultural city; ...and that's what IVECA teaches. The program provides a virtual environment... ...that enables students not only to share subject matters, ...but also to socialize within the program. It surprised me how other schools look like in there. I like to learning about what they do there. Like, just because you are in another state, ...that doesn´t mean they are different from you. By taking advantage of existing technology, ...the program makes direct connections between classrooms in different countries. All you need is a decent web camera, and a microphone, and a screen... ...where you can project the pictures coming in from the other side. And the teacher can stand up there... ...and ask a question, and you can choose children from both sides of the world... answer it. It´s very powerful. So when you combine the aspects of an authentic audience,, and a relevant project that they can share with people; ...I think motivation goes through the ceiling, basically. Joining IVECA is easy and fast. You could be up and running in thirty days. Find out more at

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Duration: 4 minutes and 28 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: United States
Language: English
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Producer: IVECA & Marco Tempest
Director: Marco Tempest
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Posted by: iveca on Jan 7, 2012

IVECA (Intercultural Virtual Exchange of Classroom Activities) helps students to communicate with one another in different cultures and countries. The program provides a virtual environment that enables students to share subject matters and socialize within the program.
It is to promote intercultural competence of young people for peace and development.

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