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五千亿年后遗憾? 马克·吐温上身/通灵讲述: 我死后历险记-次元银河系遍:

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Samuel Langhorne Clemens(aka Mark Twain) - Part 1 (em) this is Mark Twain, and i am Here to..Communicate and Share with you, my Experience After Death (smile..akr), i had quite a Interesting: Fun Ride - if you want to Place it, to that Perspective..(akr) i Died..and.. Crossed Over to the Dimensions..Interesting that you'd Call it "Cross Over"..(smile) but it is..a Cross Over, and..these Two Beings Approached me..and.. they Said to me: "Follow me", and..i Followed them, and..they said to me: "Okay, right, you're going to be Reincarnating into the Animal Kingdom..Again" and..(i) Looked at the Situation..said: (hmme).."okay, which Animal Exactly?" they said: "No, you're Choosing - to your Liking".'s Fascinating, i've Always wanted to Experience myself - be a Monkey!, i Decided to Reincarnate as a me..(sigh)..During that time, Especially my Experience in the Dimensions..(akr).. you Kinda of: "Don't Ask Questions", that's Interesting..(um)..because.. when you Cross have that..that Experience Inside you..that There might just be some Grand Design, or some..something..Out Here, Everywhere, Existing.. that HAS a Plan..that is Looking After Everything and Everyone..and.. and there is a Reason for Everything, and there is a Purpose for Everything! i thought, you know what: Let me Do that..maybe..that's my Part i'll Play.. in this Entire Grand Design - manifestation of "That Something", that Existed Within Everything and Everywhere..and i Actually Experienced it - in the Dimensions. i Actually Experienced myself..being in the Hangs "of that which Exist" you Can’t Help it but Experience it! kind of, and it's So Overwhelming, that.. you Just Accept it..going.."this is How it is..Accept's Done..",, i Spent.. a Reasonable amount of time, in a Monkey's - Expression Don't Remember Much.. (um) in Terms of while you are Actually a Monkey.. - of course..(um) but i.. Do Have Certain Memories of the's been very Fascinating it's Amazing (um) - the Experience of the the Trees, and..(um) in Nature, because (sigh) Animals Adapt to their Environment, Animals are.. in their Experience are So One - in their Expression with Nature: that there is No Separation that Exists, you know, whether you Sit on a Tree.. and Touch the Leaves..and Eat the..Leaves..or the Fruit or Whatever, it’s As Though: It’s Yourself! you're Completely One with Your Entire Environment - Nature..but what i found Strange is that: it is Totally the Opposite with the human beings! human beings..Destroy That..human beings Excavate That..and..Built..Places to Live in..and their Oneness..with their Environment, and Especially Nature - Doesn't Exist at All!'s quite Fascinating because that’s Not the Experience.. when you are An Animal, At All..(um)..and.. humanity is Busy..Removing that Completely, Removing that Part of..ourselves because i mean, if Animals are Able to Experience it, Surely human beings are. so that would Actually mean, that human beings are Less than the Animal Kingdom (akr) their Expression because they are Not.. Living that Oneness with Their Environment, or Even Realizing, that Oneness with Their Environment, with that Which Exist it was a very..(ahr)..i'm very Grateful that i've Experienced that, because.. that Placed..Much for me into Perspective, (um)..because, After that Experience, that's When i Started Asking Questions ..(um)..that's when i..said, you know.. "wait a Going On Here?" because.. if i were that "Something"..that..that is..that has a Purpose, that has a Reason.. and that is Kind of "In Charge", of this Entire Grand Design..then i would have: human being, Animals, Nature, Existence - in the Same Experience that i had, as an Animal you know, where (had) that Part of human being's Gone - where their Oneness with Their Environment Exists? you know, that.. when you Walk Amongst the Trees..Touch the Leaves, the Branches.. or Barefoot on the Ground and the Grass..and.. you Feel and Experience that Support - that is You, as you Walk.. or as you Experience Yourself..human beings aren't Experiencing Anymore.. Where Has that Gone? you Walk on Foundations that have been Placed by yourself: as a Creation, as a Design- Structural, Geometrical, Specific. But what about the Flowing Expression.. that Nature Provide(s), that is Unconditional Support? (That is) Already Present - Here (um) when i Died as a Monkey (um)..this Little Girl came up to me..this Little Tiny Girl.. she was quite Cute, Sweet..i had to Smile when i saw her and she said to me, you know this Happy - Little Girl..Excited - Expression, she said: "Come, Follow Me!" and..i said: "Um, with you?"..and she said: "No, it's your time to Rest've Done what you've Required to Do.." " may now - Rest..and Enjoy yourself" and..i said: "wait, then Does this Fit in", you know, i Asked myself that Question: "How Does that Fit in: with me having a Purpose or Reason, Within this Grand Design" "of this Something or this Essence - that Exists Everywhere within Everyone?" and..that's the Same Thing i Asked her: "Why is the Reason for Rest?" "i don’t really..Experience myself Having to Rest", i mean, you know.. if i'm Required to Reincarnate Again, i'll Reincarnate Again! i don't have a Situation with that..and, she Took me to this..(akr) a Galaxy..of sort(s) to this Place..where i was Supposed to go and Rest, and (um).. i mean there were like Multiple of them, were like Cities..and Galaxies..(um) Different..Multiple Different Ones, i mean i could See Every Single One of them. and..she said: "you’re going to Come Here and Rest, and just..Enjoy and Express yourself " so i said: "Why am i Not Able to..Do that Expression - Here..on Earth," "and Supporting -That Way..Why do i Have to be Separated, from that Perspective of:" "that having To Go and Rest? and just..Why not just Experience myself Here on Earth?” (um)..ok, so..i'll Continue with that Question, and..of Course my Experience - in Answering that Question for myself. Thanks, this is Mark Twain More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: Victor "Vic" Tayback, James Byron Dean, Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

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