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The History of the Shuriken

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What is up you guys this is SpaceKryptonite here to bring you a meta breaking robot that has dominated and has brought tears to the eyes of many This type of robot is one of the most deadliest and has been seen throughout the universe of Robocraft Ladies and gents, we have been conquered by the Shuriken So why is this type of robot one of the most deadliest and how did this robot create a legacy like no other Let’s start off with its origin The evolution and creation of the Shuriken was created by Fun_fest It all started with the release of the Smart Weapons update which included Thrusters to have camera control capabilities His priority was to experiment with this new feature and see if he could make a viable tesla drone Just so you are aware, he did not have the goal of creating a Shuriken in mind Unfortunately, his drone designs would consistently spin out of control when taking damage This was an important factor since this process sprouted the creation of a tesla wrecking ball and the building foundation of the shuriken Fun fest had finalized the design of something very efficient and deadly This was the creation of the Beybladia created around the end of June 2016 This design had thrusters placed in a circular formation and contained tons of teslas blades all around the robot as its primary weapon During Fun Fest’s first few battles, it caught the eyes of many as players and have asked if the robot was available in the CRF Names sprouted from players calling it The Sawblade, chinese star, ninja star, and lastly the shuriken The build and tactics of the Shuriken would evolve to greater heights thanks to a specific module made for the element of surprise This was the birth of the Ninja Shuriken which was publicly released on June 29th, 2016 Weighing in at only 1379 CPU, this robot was famous for utilizing the ghost module in order to safely get behind enemy lines and destroying people's hopes and dreams in a matter of seconds The tesla blades on the top and bottom side of the robot are not just for looks Because of its proper placement, the robot can slide on the ground as well as deal damage to those on top or bottom of the Shuriken Helium was added to counteract gravity and was equipped with a Radar Jammer and enemy radar since it can deflect enemy receivers and give you more map intel In moments notice, the Shuriken was rising in the world of Robocraft Not only because of its strength, but also because of the way it flies It spins in the air with all of its glory and was fun to fly around with using the camera control capabilities but this build was not the apex of its legacy Fun Fest was busy having so much fun that he created something even more fun This was the birth of the Shuriken 1750 created around the end of July 2016 If you couldn’t find this robot in the CRF it’s mainly because only max level players were able to use them since it requires 1750 cpu This Shuriken was by far tankier, used different thruster placements, and utilized 2 modules These modules were the Blink and Ghost module, but had room to switch in an EMP module This reached the apex of popularity during the Temporal Rift event on August 19th 2016 This was a temporary event in which cooldowns and power consumption of modules were reduced by 50% The Shuriken dominated the battlefield with its ability to get in and out of combat while still destroying robots in a matter of seconds The Shuriken 1750 transformed Robocraft into Ninjacraft The CRF was filled with Shurikens created by other players Even til this day, the CRF is still flooded with Shurikens making this type of robot a sensational meta breaking monster The total amount of Robits earned with the shurikens racked in over 26+ million Robits meaning players have spent well over 110 million Robits in purchasing Fun Fest’s Shurikens The Shuriken has been considered to be one of the most OP builds known to man and has even been targeted on several patches The two patches that were influenced to reduce numbers of shurikens were the Post Temporal Rift patch and the Robocraft Alpha patch Both patches reduced the health of tesla blades in a total of 50% of its original value, These patches reduced the number of Shurikens due to the teslas patches making tesla blades easier to disarm yet it does not stop the Shuriken’s shear damage that it still contains til this very day The Shuriken design has placed its mark in being a unique robot design that has made a great name for itself and is a cornerstone to the idea of experimentation It has shaped the meta, made players more aware of their surroundings, and has brought joy Overall, this bot built a legacy and will be an example on how a bot can break the meta So that pretty much wraps it up for this video Let me know in the comment section down below, what are your opinions on the shuriken Huge thanks to Fun Fest for providing me the information and videos needed to create this video This month is going to be filled with tons of juicy content so Don’t forget to like and subscribe for all your Roboneeds and until next time This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Nov 21, 2016

Feast your eyes of one of the most deadliest bots known as the Shuriken. This type of bot exploded in Robocraft and has shaped the way players play Robocraft. Learn the evolution and discover how did the Shuriken came to be what it was.

Big thanks to Fun Fest for documentations, videos, and detailed information on the Shurikens.

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