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Cad é mar a thugtar a lán rudaí leat i do bhagáiste láimhe (as Gaeilge)

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Flying just keeps on getting more and more expensive! This summer I went to Slovakia for 10 days I decided not to check in any luggage for the trip since it's an extra charge nowadays Everything I needed would be in this little bag and I planned on strolling right through security and right off the plane without ever needing to wait any luggage But I still wanted to bring plenty with me! Have a look at what I brought; I had bathroom necessities, clothes for 5 days to be washed after 5 days shoes, electronics, a 17-inch laptop, a book and all of this other random stuff. Including of course my video camera! You can't bring liquids with you due to airport security, but these can all be bought on the other side But how I was going to fit all of this in my bag! Aha!! I have an idea! Usually weight limits are imposed on us as we travel and this combined with the space in our suitcase means there is only so much we can bring But the weight issue is flexible because there are plenty of... larger people who fly, right? It's fair because all of their weight is on their person, so it doesn't count So that's what I do! I put all the heavy and large items ON me wearing the heaviest clothes at the airport and putting as much as you can in pockets If you go with trousers and a jacket with enough pockets you would be surprised how much you can squeeze into them! I have brought much more with me in other travels, since I had bigger pockets I used a suitcase that's exactly the size limit for hand luggage As well as that, I packed things better. This means that there's almost no limit to what you could do! This time I just stuffed everything in and I still had space for souvenirs for my way home! Now, here's a bonus tip! Let's say you wanted to pack a bulky towel like this This towel is very hard to fold well so squeezing it into your bag isn't possible It can be quite frustrating! Ah! But I've got a "super" idea for that one! It can easily fit under your jacket as you can see!! So I hope you enjoyed my tips! Have a safe trip!!

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Duration: 2 minutes and 49 seconds
Country: Ireland
Language: Irish
Producer: Breandán Ó Laobhais
Director: Breandán Ó Laobhais
Views: 633
Posted by: irishpolyglot on Nov 23, 2008

Seo mo chéad físeán faoi comhairle taistil. Chinntigh mé nach mbeadh mála taistil le seiceáil agam, mar tá táille bhreise air. Thaispeáin mé sa fhíseán seo, cad é mar a thugtar lán rudaí leat i do bhagáiste láimhe! Más maith leat é, tá físeáin eile ar mo bhlag:

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