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2019 - Diane OKUBO

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So, I'm here with Diane and Diane is here two star Director, - yes, - from Hawaii. Yes. And so, can you tell me a little bit about your Tupperware journey. How did you start and now get to the two stars director level?? Well I started um 36 years ago. OK. And you know like a lot of people you sign up to help a friend I actually helped one of my clients at work to help her friend. - Because she was in another homebased business. - Ok. And I didn't believe in her business and it was supposed to be like I just signed up for a few months. And I never quit. What was it that made you want to keep going? I just love the products and I didn't realize that I had Tupperware at home. You know my mom had been buying you know bits and pieces and the old cereal bowls. I was like Oh these are Tupperware and and after that it just was like I just love this stuff. You are passionate about it - and can keep them. - Very much. And I didn't realize how passionate I was until customers at my parties would say you're just so passionate about the business I’m thinking oh no this you know in my mind this is just something I do for fun. - A little bit of this. - Were you working - at the time full time? - Full time, I retired six years ago. OK. What were you doing? I was an administrative officer - for the University of Hawaii. - Ok. And I really loved my job, - but I didn't love the people. - OK. And when I was out on leave for about a year and a half sick leave I worked my business and I realized how much I loved it and in that time I was able to promote to director and. So you were working two jobs Tupperware and your full time job for about 30 years? Ah, Yes. Wow. And then when you had a chance to take a take a break from your fulltime job you could see - what Tupperware could do for you. - Yeah. And you know it's sort of like you realize that the one thing we've always said is it's your own time and a lot of women sign up because they have children and they can attend their kid’s events. And like I'm single I don't have any kids and it never. So that never sunk in, but I became my grandmother's caregiver and as a manager. I could still do take care of my grandmother. And you know I worked around it. OK, You had enough flexibility to do what you needed To in your personal life while still making money and doing something you enjoy. And it was so much fun, and I enjoyed it so much that at the end of my sick leave I used I used up all my sick leave when I was out I kind of just kept going, you know. And I was like I'm not going back to work I gave them my one month's notice. And when was that? - 6 years ago? Ok. - 6 years. And I went to the retirement system and I didn't have enough years. I had the age to retire but not the years of service for full retirement benefits. But I said that's OK because I was enjoying doing Tupperware full time instead. You know It was so much more um rewarding. And you know my closest friends are in Tupperware. Have you have you met them through Tupperware or were you friends before? One is my best friend from middle school days but most of my close friends are all through Tupperware. I've met them at rallies or things like that. Ok so early on some of your favorite products were the cereal bowls. The cereal bowls always and to this day the Wonderlier Bowls. Ok. And of course, I use tons of modular made so it is so easy you know when we have big weeks and we talk about the modular and the modular are on sale they're in my car. I keep things in my car in there. And I also do crafts. So it's so easy to say, look, you can store it this way. Do you have something that you like to demo? I like to cook so it's always Stack Cooker or the pressure cooker. Those are my favorites. And how, when you invite people to your party are you surprised are they surprised by what those products can do? Or is Tupperware pretty well known in your area? It's pretty well known. But um you know because things like the pressure cooker is higher and you're in the microwave because it's higher and they they see it in the catalog and they're like I don't need that. And when I make something for them in 15 to 20 minutes then it's like oh this is really great. And that pressure cooker is not going to explode in the microwave. And so that's my passion is cooking. What makes your parties unique? Is it the good food you make? You know what. It's it. - I think it's the food. - Ok. And because I tailor a lot of our local recipes to our products. - Oh that’s interesting. - Instead of using the Tupper recipes I do use some of them especially desserts because desserts. I like to do things like a cobbler because you know it's like dump this dump that toss it in the microwave. It comes out tasting good. Yeah And people like what! I said, oh yeah. I have adapted it from a regular Tupperware recipe to my taste because I don't like this or I don't like that and like since we don't have cinnamon vanilla seasoning anymore I just don't put it in. I mean sometimes I'll do a local style cinnamon sugar but it doesn't have that little vanilla kit. Yeah. So what are some other more local recipes they order? what do you use? I'm Japanese - but I cook a lot of Filipino type dishes. - Ok. And one is pork adobo. And I actually learned how to make a good pork adobo from one of my customers because we just talking about. Well I always do hamburger curry and they say no I don't want curry. I said do you know there's one of the girls has been making adobo but I can't get a recipe. It's a lot of typically local things it's this that and it's to taste so she said you bring the pressure cooker I will put everything together because usually I tell them I need this and this and I'll bring certain things. She says just don't worry I have it. And so, I learned how to do it from a customer. That’s funny. And that's one of my big things is the pork adobo or cholo pork. Ok. Is that in the pressure cooker? In the pressure cooker. Sounds good. And I figured out how to make a pretty good wild rice casserole. - Well that's a real mainland type. Dish - OK. OK. So that's that. It just depends on my um my customers at the party. But it's usually pork adobo. Ok. Because you can also do chicken. So besides expanding your recipe knowledge and your product knowledge how else would you say that Tupperware has changed you in the last six years that you've really been more involved? It’s given me so much more freedom and the ability to do what I want when I want my other passion is making jewelry. Oh! And you know I have the time to make the jewelry and also gives me the income to buy some of the more expensive gemstones that I that I use to make my jewelry because sometimes one one gem stone can cost me I had one it was like one hundred and twenty dollars but it's for myself. Its great you have the time for more hobbies, time for your family. And definitely for my family and it's allowed me to have now three Dogs. - Three Dogs. - Three rescues. Oh wow. That’s nice. So you know what when I became a director, I got one, I got one rescue the last year I got two more rescues. Are they all the same breed? No, they're all mixed breeds - from the Humane Society. - Ok, - ok. Yeah. - Our local humane society. And it also allows me to take one of them with me wherever I go. Is one here? No. I aint. In order for me to bring her here she would have to go through a series of shots because of the rabies. But I send one to daycare - to doggy daycare every day. - (inaudible) And you know that's four hundred dollars a month that I would never have. Working a full time job just the full time job. It sounds crazy but every year I throw him a birthday party. That's not crazy. And It runs hundreds of dollars for a dog but I guess because he's my child. I do it. Yeah. And it sounds like now with your flexibility and added income you have time more time to spend - doing the things. - That added income is such a blessing. And the car. I mean, I've always had nice cars. To be honest with you because my brother believes in buying all these fancy dancy cars and of course, um we hesitated about taking the car for the longest time And our regional, I have been to so many regionals as a.. And they're like you should take the car. It's really good advertising and everything. And my brother goes yeah. But you know you, we are. You already have two cars. Well you know when I got the sonic because it was the last year of the Sonic I finally said yes I caved in and I said yes he sold my cars. I no longer own a car, but I drive the Tupperware Traverse and people stopped me on the road, I used to go. No, they're not going to. I park my car and people walk up to me and it's the neatest feeling. Are they asking for product or to have a party? Or what? A lot of times it's catalogs - and they have broken parts - OK but that's OK. A lot of it leads to um, a party. You know it's like well as you're talking you know I say, oh well I can bring it to you and you know just have a few friends and I can do lunch and it's usually curry rice. Is that one of the ways you've grown your team by meeting people? - Yeah. - In that setting? Ok. And yeah, it's it's just been interesting. I am very shy actually my my business leader Tina Oscar. was actually my manager - when she lived in Hawaii. - Ok. And she would tell you I was the shyest thing in that rally room. I'm still very shy and so in a party setting is easy for me because it doesn't matter if it's two three or 10 but it's a small intimate group. I mean 10 is still intimate to me. And I think the biggest party was about ten or twelve people. Since you started doing parties have you become more outgoing or have you kind of started getting less shy or? A little less shy - where I can actually talk to strangers now. - OK. Before it was like OK you know you see someone then you think they want to talk to you kind of walk the other way or you look down and you walk away. But now you know with the Tupperware car someone will say I've heard them the parking lot. Tupperware is still around. Yeah. Did you need some information? And I actually will talk to them. Yeah that's great. So, you mentioned that you were able to rescue dogs to make make more jewelry but what what has changed the most in your life because of your career? My confidence. I have so much more confidence in myself. It's not even funny because growing up in a Japanese family you know it's a male world and it I guess you would say my dad never I never amounted to very much compared to my brothers although I was older, so I had to always try harder to excel at everything but it also gave me I was always lacking confidence because I was never as good as my brothers. I was never as smart or successful and through the business I realize I am successful and I am so much more than what I thought I was all these years and it's taken up until very recently for me to realize how successful I've become. You definitely are very successful. Yeah, and it's really given me a lot of confidence and that's what's helped me overcome my shyness too. Has your family noticed a difference in you? Um my brother. My mom doesn't say very much but my I have two younger brothers and one lives up here in the mainland. But the younger one who's at home has noticed that that he says I'm just sassy. You have the confidence to be sassy. - Sassy and bossy. At times. - Yeah. Yeah. - And... - Well every brother [Inaudible] - because he's very bossy. - Ok. You know they say the youngest is the bossiest one. Yeah, he he is. And I used to just shut up and put up and and not fight back a lot. Now I stand my ground. - Good for you. - And I fight back. - Good for you. - And you would think at my age I would have started fighting back a lot earlier. But I think it's just how we grew up culturally. Yeah. And and you know for women to um, to be successful it's fantastic. And When I see you know women CEOs and things. Yes. Is their CEO now a woman? Yes. It's just amazing. You don't have to be a man. Tupper hat is a woman's world. And I think it's also very neat that I have successful men on my team too. Yes definitely. I love hearing about the men's part there. So not that they're much more different but they do seem to have a different technique. They do. And that's what's interesting and we can learn from the men because they have different work choices and that's what I've noticed by watching a lot of the Facebook lives from the guys. And Oh I need to use that because for women in the kitchen we do things a certain way always. You know cooking and things but guys when they cook they do things differently. You know they'll cut things up a little in their own way because my brother and I have definitely different cooking skills. He was a terrible cook. But now you know through the years he cooks more and more and I'm like why are you cutting it that way? And then you know I, I take out all my knives and things. And he goes, and he buys these cheapy knives and he uses them and then he's like where's your knife. There's certain things he, you know he kind of just laughs about because we don't live together but he'll go he'll ask where's the mandolin. I'm like Oh but I thought you didn't like the mandolin. - I thought it was a waste of time. - I want to admit you're right. No. Where's the mandolin. And that was the biggest bright spot for me because you know all this time it's like I've seen him use my stack Cooker. And. He's trusting your expertise. Yeah, he's done a lot of things to my products too. You know, he didn’t like. You’re using it for what. But you know when I go home to my mom's and it's like oh you're using this for this and whatever but honestly you know the stack cooker is great for just warming up things at home. Like for my brother when he's doing a lot of stew and things and so turning on the stove but it's just hilarious when he asked for the mandolin because he was making coleslaw. And actually when the mandolin came out that was the first thing I thought of coleslaw because that's a pain to have to slice up cabbage. And he would buy the cabbage already slice and then like you pay three, four dollars for that bag of cabbage you could buy a whole head for eighty-nine cents. You know if it's the Cabbage on sale. And yeah his light bulb turned on. Yeah. A lot of things you're not aware of until you see it right in front of you. You just keep in the same pattern over and over you know buying this lifestyle already and then. Yeah, and you see what a difference it can make it. And it makes such a big difference in our life. You know the time saving you know when I do parties, I tell them that I turned the stove on only a few times a year. Now I basically cook everything in the microwave and since the Micro Pro Grill came out I can fry in the microwave without splattering the stove. Well that Micro Pro Grill. Oh that was so amazing. I that's all I used for the longest time. Now I just incorporated everything else back in. But um I had people just talk about it and this is like my jewelry friends and they're like oh OK Can I buy one? Oh, sure. And what I'll do is I'll meet at the beach shop. And I make a little lunch for whoever is going to be there that day. And we turned it into a party and they're totally amazed that what we can do. Now when I go back to something you said earlier about how your confidence has grown and how much more you've learned about yourself since you've been in the business have you noticed the same for the people on your team? Yes, I have a few very shy ladies on my team And I look at them, I go, that's exactly me. Thirty six years ago that's me up until maybe ten years ago because parties are easy you just with so many people. Even as a manager I didn't have to do all that much in front of bigger groups but I've seen a couple of them really blossom they're still buds but they're blossoming and that's what's just the neatest thing to see. Do you think they see it in themselves also? - I think one of them does. - Ok. because she's willing to try more things. You know when you don't have the confidence, you don't try anything. You you're kind of like I don't say you in a rut because that's not a good word as far as you know building yourself up I think she really sees herself blossoming. More what would you say has been your biggest obstacle in Tupperware? - The biggest obstacle actually was my family. - Ok. They you know friends and family do your grand opening. It was friends. My my mom never did a party for me my cousins. Who I'm very close to never did a party. My one cousin who finally did have one. It must have been about 15 years ago. She threw her first party and it was like a thousand dollars party. So why do you think that is? Why do you think they haven't wanted to do something? Something that I've heard because I always gave them their Tupperware for Christmas they didn't need to have a party to get anything they got it for me and then I stopped because you know when you first building your business you always talk about birthdays, Christmas, showers, housewarming. Yeah so, every Christmas my cousins got some nice pieces of Tupperware but you know we didn't have any of the microwaveable and after a while I gave them pretty much everything that I felt that they would use and I stopped my cousin's daughter when she moved out. I gave her some cookware because I earned a lot of cookware at one time which is the nicest thing we can earn such great products and being single living by myself. I don't use all of the cookware. I only need certain size pots so yeah, I gave her cookware when she moved out of the house because she moved back home and now, she and her husband are buying their own place. So I plan to help her furnish it and it's all going to be with things that I've heard. I don't have to go out and buy anything. And she doesn't have to know that I didn't pay for it. - Sure. - but she'll be happy because she's got quality products because when she first moved out she would call me up and go Aunty Do you have Whatever, whatever. And I’d go through my box because I knew I'd have it. Here you go! And she’s that, How much is it? And I said, no that's for you because you know it's something I earned. So easy to give away things that you earn - if you're not going to use it at that time. - Yeah. And my thing is if I ever need another. Whatever whatever it is I'll just go and order one. or another one if it's something to earn. So you talked about your biggest obstacle. What's been your best moment so far? It sounds crazy but the recognition from my team. That’s not crazy Btw. I find that crazy because I'm just so proud of my team. When I became a director it was like you know actually, the journey was I was just gonna be a consultant when my manager left. I've gone on to I think three different manager teams because they all left and then I finally said enough is enough. I'm going to become a manager. Just so I don't have to go to another team and my manager decides to leave and as a manager you know when the regional came down we talk story and I said Well when I retire I want to become a director because you know that'll give me some extra income because I knew there was a difference in income levels. My regional at that time was Jose Luis. And he says No you start looking now because you don't wait till you retire. I think okay became a director. You know we just did whatever we did our director goals every month and we'd have really good months. And I'd be really thrilled, and we'd have fun as a team because we're pretty close then I became a star director and a two star director And our organization gets recognition and it's not just recognition amongst ourselves anymore it's national. And when I see that I'm so proud of that. And those are my real shining moments as well. I mean we can be number ninety nine or one hundred out of the top 100 - but it's like guys look at this. - You're seeing their hard work - and your hard work. - Yeah. Because to me it's the organization the team recognition that's just such a thrill versus, yes sometimes my name is there for personal something personal but that's just me and the pride is in my team and organization. So what would you say to someone who's thinking about joining Tupperware? I always tell them to give us a try because if someone who's as shy as I am can break out of that shell of course it took a lot of years. They could do it too. And you know it's like give it a try and I'll be there with you, you know when you get started and then always there and I always tell them you can always call me and I think you know a lot of times they do that they'll start off calling you all the time because we're humans we are lazy we like people to just go OK this is what you do this this and this and you don't want to read because I'm that way too for you know certain things. Yeah, I think that's how you do it when you get some new appliance or something and then it doesn't work properly so you have to be. So they just would've been so much easier to just call someone and go OK I plugged it in. And it doesn't work. So, they call me up and go okay I'm doing this. But now what. So, they'll call and they learn a lot. Something you learn a lot faster when you just walk them through the steps. And I also tell them you're not obligated to stay forever. And I've had people come in get what they want and say I got everything, and I says thank you very much but I continue to send them brochures and text messages and this is when you don't want me in your life. Just let me know. And that's how I've gotten some people to sign up because they're looking for particular items or this year I didn't I wasn't able to. But sometimes you have a certain product on sale and they want multiples of it and their friends want the same thing and I say well why don't you sign up? Become a consultant? Get it at a discount? Make a few bucks off of your friends and they're like that's a good idea. Then I say. Oh by the way if you sign up now this is available to you and you know the confidence start. And a lot of them think the money bag is really the coolest thing ever. Good to know. I mean it's really, I look it may go. Money bag is good. Oh look there's that much to me. You know so some of them will get what's practical to them but a lot of them see the money bag as where they're going to put their money in when they collect it from their friends. And I had an older lady tell me that she goes get me the money bag because I I have to help her and walk her through a lot of it because she's much older than me. She really needs to retire and do this full time. Well I have really enjoyed our conversation. Is there anything else you would want to add? Not really. Other than I just totally enjoyed this journey and I'm glad I didn't quit when I told my mom I was going to quit because after 17 years she told me to stop saying this is the last year because I was sick. I think this is it Mom I'm going to quit and it's like every year. I'd say that because you know I was only going to be six months. And you've come so far to this. And it's. Personally and professionally. And it's limitless. I guess all the other fun thing is I've learned how to dress. I take a little bit more and more pride in how I dress when I go places because you're a business owner. Yeah. You've got to look professional. Well you don't have to always professional, but I just can't go out in rip jeans or something. It's always. I always try to look somewhat put together and not look like a wreck - that just rolled out of bed. - True. So that that's made a big difference. And the confidence the confidence has been unbelievable share with you that I used to watch this Japanese program. Japanese programs only run for so many weeks. - Ok. - And she says she never fails and that's become my motto. I never fail. Sometimes you do. But you just keep trying again. And she's got this walk. And I would tell my girlfriend my former co-worker and she's on my team. I said I want her walk. And one day I realized I had her walk. - It was like - how would you describe it, The Walk? Well she wears heels and I if I'm wearing heels but I can do it in sneakers. It's you stand up tall and straight and you just walk your stuff. And I I realize I do that at times. So, you could tell from her walk that she believed - in herself and was confident in herself. - Yeah. And then you felt the same way. Because one day I saw myself walking out of Starbucks - because you know you can see here the reflection - see here yeah. and the like oh you were proud of it. I've got the Mi Chico walk. That’s proud of it. That's great. And I didn't realize that. And I'm like wow. It’s a nice feeling to be proud of your accomplishment. It is and being shy and I said, in Japanese you don't you don't go, number one can you know screaming all over the place and people they ask me about the business I go Oh we're one of the top teams here. - No - more reserved. - Yeah. Now I'm like - Ok. we're the top in Hawaii there's several teams but we have the biggest. I don't think we're the biggest, but I just say you know we we've got the biggest team and we're we're the number one team in Hawaii right now. And they're like wow and I think that also makes a difference when people see you as being so successful. - And proud. - Yeah. That’s great. Well thank you very much I appreciate everything you shared. Thank you. - This wasn't as bad as I thought. - Good good. We're happy to hear that. Stop this. I was so freaked out when the rep called me. You did a great job. I was shaking.

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2019 - Diane OKUBO

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